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Osama and the GOP

Compassion In Action !
Bush Compassion in Action - The Compassionate President

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Bush Gorge - Gerog Greore Goerge GOREGE

Kung Fu Rumsfeld

Where are De Terrarests ?

Where are De Terrarests ?

Is this 1-900 got-bush ? Damn NSA

Bush family ROVE baby

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  When George Bush first started his presidency, he was asked how he wanted the White House decorated,
to which he resonded, he wasted a "statue" in every room.
The decorater said, a statue in every room ?
Bush said, absolutely ! I thnk ill NEED one, dont you ?

The White House decorator obliged the President without question, and put a miniture statue of liberty in every room.

The President came in and looked confused, his staff asked what the problem was,
and asked if the statues were what he wanted.
The President replied...
I wanted one of those things you pick up, and say....

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Bush Humor -Political satire

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