Wolrd Trade plane parts and engine debris

boeing world trade center part


can anyone identify this debris part ?
If so, email me at greenmannowar at yahoo.com

I have a few thumbnails scattered in this page. you can right click and open in a new window, for large photos.

WTC engine and tire debris from 9/11 planes

wtc tower sept11 world trade center debris 9/11

click for larger image

murray st engine wtc 911

wtc plane engine photo

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wtc engine FBI photo 9/11 767 plane engine photo click for larger image

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wtc engine 911 september 11th plane engine 911 still smoking ?

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FBI wtc 9 11 engine FBI 911 engine plane engine FBI wtc engine sept 11

9/11 engine

world trade center 9/11 plane engine FBI 9/11 plane debris

Are these photos all of the same tire ?
in the "dusty" photos, it appears that the rubber is broken or torn.
in some other photos, it doesnt look this way?
Was the tire replaced ?
Also look closely at the axle and rim area, is this 2 different tires ?

wtc september 11 plane engine world trade center engine september 11 plane

world trade center september 11 tire

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wtc tire wtc jet tire-photo click for larger image

wtc tire photo FBI engine world trade plane
9/11 photo New York engine

9/11 photo flight 11 window in museum 9/11
click above-right for large photo of flight 11 window

WTC debris 911 wtc plane fuselage photo FBI 9-11 engine trade center NY

nist report wtc twin-towers
engine on street at twin towers 9/11 world trade center NIST simulation boeing 767 aircraft engine world trade center engine hitting wall - from NIST report september 11

Flight 175: Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney , Engine Model: JT9D-7R4D

Flight 11: Engine Manufacturer: General Electric , Engine Model: CF6-80A2

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