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 TUOHEY: And they are saying, well, what do you mean?
And I says, well, these guys had on -- they were very business looking. They had on ties and jackets. And I says, and if you look at these guys, they both have like open collar. They have like dress shirts with the open collar. I said, but that's them.

And certainly we discussed other things on him which I've forgotten and lost 1000 mails.

But please note that the conversation described by Tuohey

clearly proves that the FBI security gate time of 5:45 must be wrong (the check in started at 5:43 and certainly must have lasted longer than two minutes).
Why should the FBI lie about it?

But here comes the important part:
"Tuohey then checked their driver's licenses, both issued in Florida."

TUOHEY: They had a tie and jacket on, all right? And as I'm looking at them, you know, they're holding their I.D.s up. And I'm looking at them. It is not nice, but I said, geez, if this doesn't look like two Arab terrorists, I have never seen two Arab terrorists.

GRIFFIN (on camera): That was your...

TUOHEY: Thought.

GRIFFIN: ... first reaction?

TUOHEY: That was my thought as I'm looking at them. I'm looking at their licenses and I'm looking at their -- and -- and that thought ran through my mind.
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Now, the problem is Alomari's ID is in the bag he is just about to check in.

"In fact, the luggage they checked in Portland failed to make it onto the plane.

Seized after the September 11 crashes, Atta and Omariís luggage turned out to contain a

number of telling items, including: correspondence from the university Atta attended in Egypt; Omariís international driverís license and passport; a video cassette for a Boeing 757 flight simulator; and this folding knife and pepper spray, presumably extra weapons the two conspirators decided they didnít need. "


So, how can he hold something in his hand that is supposed to be in the bag?

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