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Offutt - Warren Buffett - George Bush - September 11

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John Doe II
 Sun Oct 16 2005, 03:08PM  
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Have a look at these coincidences:

On 911 there happened several war games to take place.

One was "the annual Global Guardian exercise, which involved testing command and control of the nation's nuclear-armed missiles, submarines and bombers."
(Omaha World Herald, 9/8/02)

President Bush didn't fly back to Washington D.C. due to a very strange threat against Air Force One but flew to Braksdale and then at 2.50 p.m. to Offutt Air Force Base.

Offutt was well equipped:
One screen "showed the status of all airborne aircraft, provided by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, to track Federal Aviation Administration efforts to clear the sky."
(Omaha World Herald, 9/8/02)

They could monitor intelligence sources.
(Omaha World Herald, 9/8/02)

"Another part of the Global Guardian exercise put three military command aircraft packed with sophisticated communications equipment in the air.
The three E-4B National Airborne Operations Center planes, nicknamed "Doomsday" planes during the Cold War, are based at Offutt.
The airplanes give top government officials alternative command posts from which to direct U.S. forces, execute war orders and coordinate actions by civil authorities in times of national emergency."

(Omaha World Herald, 2/27/02)

"Military authorities canceled the exercise after the attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, but all three of the E-4Bs remained in the air."
(Omaha World Herald, 2/27/02)

Well what did these planes do on 911?
And why didn't it help that not only the FAA followed what was happening in the skies but also Offutt?

Another coincidence that the second richest man of the US, Warren Buffett had his annual charity event at Offutt.

Adm. Richard Mies directed an annual training exercise.
(Omaha World Herald, 9/8/02) apparently took some time off the morning of 911:

Some of the visitors already were at StratCom, having breakfast with then-commander in chief Adm. Richard Mies.
(Omaha World Herald , 2/27/02)

Invited were also important CEO.
eg Anne Tatlock, Fiduciary's chairman and CEO

Being at the party saved her life.

Next coincidence is that Warren Buffett happened to have acquired NetJets in 1998.

Apparently at one point UA 93 was tracked by an executive jet of NetJets.

Warren Buffett himself "was watching television in his home in Omaha, Nebraska, as he got ready to host his last annual Charity Classic golf and tennis tournament."
(validity of source unclear for me!)

Interestingly yet another coincidence:
Al Ueltschi, president of Flight-Safety International, one of Berkshire’s two flight service subsidiaries, was getting ready to golf in the Classic.

Flight-Safety International is located where?
In Vero Beach that nobody bothers to investigate .....

Put all these details together and Offutt looks hell like an interesting place to be on 911.

 Sun Oct 16 2005, 06:19PM  

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Good job here :)

I would like to add another finding from JohnDoe, from "Omaha World Herald", September 11, 2001 (Lexis Source only):

"...Classic guests who arrived early
were treated to a Monday dinner at the Joslyn Art
Museum, where composer Marvin Hamlisch performed, accompanied by vocalist Stephen Lehew.
"The biggest worry is all these guys come from out of
town, and if it rains, they can't play," said Susie Buffett, the event's organizer and Warren's daughter..."

...also check this out:
Wife: Susan Thompson (nightclub singer, m. 1952;
separated 1977, d. 29-Jul-2004 cancer)
Daughter: Susie Buffett (housewife)
Son: Howard Buffett (photographer)
Son: Peter Buffett (musician)
Girlfriend: Astrid Menks (ex-waitress)

"...For nine years ending in 2001, Buffett hosted an
annual golf tournament for celebrities, professional
athletes, and CEOs, with all proceeds going to
charity. It raised about $9-million for four
charities. The last such event was scheduled to be
held at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, on Sept. 11,
2001. They didn't end up playing golf that day, but
the event did save the lives of at least a few CEOs
who would have otherwise probably been at work in the
World Trade Center.

It's also fueled some conspiracy theories, because
Offutt Air Force Base is the headquarters of the U.S.
Strategic Command, "responsible for both early warning
of and defense against missile attack and long-range
conventional attacks."...

Check out also Killtown, the best Buffet/9/11 specialist so far IMO:
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Ferry Fey
 Sun Oct 16 2005, 08:50PM  
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We have "the annual Global Guardian exercise" and the annual golf and tennis tournament."

Do we have the dates of all previous Global Guardian exercises, and the previous tournament dates, so that we can see if there is any particular correlation?
Mon Oct 17 2005, 08:06PM  

Joined: Thu Mar 10 2005, 09:30PM
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Global Guardian is held in October or November each year, sponsored by the US Strategic Command (Stratcom) in cooperation with US Space Command and NORAD.

A military newspaper reported in March 2001 that Global Guardian 02 was scheduled for October 2001.

Global Guardian '03 was scheduled for 17 Oct 2002 through 25 October 2002.
No further info at

In his book Code Names, William Arkin says that Amalgam Warrior is “sometimes combined with Global Guardian.”

More also here:
which also links to

We should expect Global Guardian 06, if i count correctly, but i'm not aware, if it took place last year.

didn't list it in his list and i believe we didn't post an announcement about GG this year at our
"Terror Drill + War Game Watch" either. I will ask Greg Nixon, who's also digging around the clock...
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John Doe II
Wed Oct 19 2005, 02:25PM  
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Just to be added.
That Offutt is even more interesting than so far known is due to the research of Matthew Everett and Paul Thompson.
Check out:
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Wed Oct 19 2005, 09:29PM Quote

Joined: Thu Mar 10 2005, 09:30PM
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...a quick off-topic:
The latest updates on Global Guardian 06 now here:
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 Sat Nov 05 2005, 11:57AM  

Joined: Thu Mar 10 2005, 09:30PM
posts 533 is a great detail, i wasn't really aware of. just refreshed by John Doe II:

Flight Safety, which was indirectly linked to Mohald al-Sheri, one of the official suspects of Sep11th, "is as you know in Vero Beach (and its director by pure coincidence at the charity event at Offutt)."
"...Al Ueltschi, president of Flight-Safety International, one of Berkshire’s two flight service subsidiaries, was getting ready to golf in the Classic..."

Mohald Al Shehri lived in Vero Beach according to:

Another suspect, Saeed Al Ghamdi, which identity turned out later to be alive, told the press:

"...The FBI had published his personal details but with a photograph of somebody else, presumably a hijacker who had "stolen" his identity. CNN, however, showed a picture of the real Mr Al-Ghamdi.
He said that CNN had probably got the picture from the Flight Safety flying school he attended in Florida..."

Killtown knows more:
"...Flight Safety was also selected by Raytheon as its subcontractor providing the Ground Based Training System for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) used by the US Air Force and navy for primary..."

(see also Raytheon-9/11 connection )
June 11, 2001 -

"...The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has selected Albert Lee Ueltschi, chairman and CEO of FlightSafety International, Inc., as the recipient of the 2001 NBAA American Spirit Award...

...Ueltschi gained many thousands of airline flying hours by joining Pan American World Airways in 1941. He later was selected for one of the airline’s most unusual piloting jobs – flying the business aircraft of the company’s president and founder, Juan Trippe. Trippe’s personal aircraft was typical of the day, a fast, converted World War II machine. These transitional corporate aircraft became the foundation of the nation’s business aviation industry..."
"...The National Aeronautic Association presented Mr. Ueltschi with its Elder Statesman Award in November of 2001, and in December he received the NBAA’s American Spirit Award..."
[ Edited Sat Nov 05 2005, 05:01PM ]

Also see...
The alleged hijackers and their doubles
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Search september 11 material.

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