Angle and position of the second plane before impact. WTC 9/11

In the 2 pictures blelow, the plane looks at different angles, in the first picture,
 it appears as if the plane is coming UP to hit the building.

9/11 WTC plane picture
hereisnewyork.org 2876.JPG

Notice how much higher the plane appears in this picture,
is this just due to the angle of the camera, and height in which the picture was taken?

9/11 wtc plane circle photo

september 11 WTC plane

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hereisnewyork photos september 11 plane image

hereisnewyork.org 6588.JPG
WTC tower 9/11 plane

WORLD TRADE CENTER september 11 photo
http://adiemus.org/lest_we_forget/dump/images/MINI_WORLD_TRADE_CENTER_HZU.jpg WORLD TRADE CENTER

WTC plane september 11

WTC 9 11 september picture images
niftythings.org wtc-plane.jpg

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WTC 9/11 plane picture

hereisnewyork.org 1230.JPG

Notice how the smoke in the above picture goes straight up before the curve to the left from the wind,
and below, the smoke just goes straight to the left.

WTC-plane picture


WTC 9/11 plane picture

hereisnewyork.org 2356.JPG

In the picture above the plane looks like it is going to hit much higher on the building than on the picture below.

9/11 plane picture WORLD TRADE CENTER september 11

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photoshop overlays...
photoshop overylays 9/11

other photos of the second plane just before impact

Strange photos surrounding the WTC

Helicopters objects orbs and UFO's on 9/11 WTC

various pictures of the towers on september 11

FLIGHT 175 WTC South Tower fake photo -9/11 plane

Strange photos surrounding the WTC and building collapses 911

airgames 9/11

The Miracle Zoom-Out

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