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New Pentagon Video from Judicial Watch FOIA request

Judicial Watch website down FOIA request mirrored here...

Pentagon Video Security Gate Cam September 11th
CCTV Frames


Does this seem edited ?
The square looking object at the middle-bottom of this photo (above)
is the security gate, shown on the right in the photo below

pentagon vide gate security
This gate is very close to the video camera.
The (supposed) plane is several dozen yards behind it,
or so it would appear, at first.....

The problem being, when you zoom in on the photo, the smoke trail from the "plane"
is in FRONT of the gate ! (red arrow)
+ the "plane" seems to have a very boxy ouline to it...

modified image cctv cam

Is this a plane ? Boeing or F-16 ?


should it not look more like this ?

3d gate

Now, its possible the boxy look, is an effect from zooming in so much,
but the "plane" could not have been in front of the gate.
the smoke also could not have been.

camera angle pentagon video september 11

filtered pentagon video september 11

military PLANE hit pentagon 9-11
military jet hit pentagon sept 11
mentioned by Dick Eastman and others, this could have been an F-16 ? F-16 hit the pentagon

i threw in a mirage-2000 below, for kicks.

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F-16 hit the pentagon

Though, several military planes could have fit this outline.

Ive have had some suspicions about the times some of the Pentagon photos were taken These gate video stills are no execption. What I see are anomalies in the shadows. The gate ticket booths, (this is what I suppose they are?) seem to be casting a shadow at a different length and angle than other shadows in this frame.
If you put a stick in the ground and measure the shadow, and it is twice the length of the stick, the 2x number should stay consistant with any legth stick. In other words, it will be double the legth, no matter how tall the stick is.

The booth, which first of all seems to have a square appearance, has a non-square shadow, There is the appearance of something on the top of the booth, though it seems to be in the shadows. There is no reaon for this, the whole area was in the sun. This top part does cast a very clear shadow.

Now, whats amazing, is that the huge explosion, that changes the lumiosity of this video,
doesnt create a shadow on the ground ?
Also, the line on the ground that is created by the buildings shadow should be minimized.
This explosion does not do that.
It looks more to me like someone turned up that gamma on the photo,
and then added some red...
pentagon buring sept 11

The short yellow lines above measure 1x the height of the ticket booth. To the top of the "squared off" part of that booth, there is a 2x shadow. I did the same measurements for the red cones. The cones did not keep the same length perpective.

Moving on to the explosion, I used some filtering in the photo below so that the shadows would be more pronounced.
The black line shows the roof line shadow at the bottom of the photo.
What seems odd to me is the explosion should have cast its own shadow, as we see,
 it was bright enough to illuminate the other side of the heliport tower, but did not cast its own shadow

pentagon 9-11

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Speaking of shadows, this brings up the time this photo was taken?
The black line shows the apparent angle of the sun, Donny seems to be well in the sunlight, while he is about to step into the shadows.
This is the same time the "shadow government" was installed :)
If you look closely at the smoke near the towerhouse and Penatgon roofline, it appears as though the sun should be just skimming the top of the towerhouse, though, we do not really see it. If this is correct, the shadow should fall further than th eblack line near Rummy's shoes.

pentagon 9-11  clock pentagon 9-11
Follow the black line to the clock

About 10:00 ?
Now if we go by Runny's shoes, it wouold be more like 11:00 as a guess.
(you can take your own clock and paste it into the photo with paint or photoshop)
There are fire trucks and smoke, so I am guessing that this is taken on Sept 11th, though we can not be sure ?
Forom maps, we know that the photo above is pointed almost due South.

The blue line shows what seems to be sunlight on the ground where there should not be any ?

Here we have a photo of the Pentagon, the tower house and the cam booth. This shows how tall the Pentagon was and close to the towerhouse.
pentagon near towerhouse 9-11

pentagon near towerhouse large 9/11 
The yellow circle shows the security gate.
Using the photo above, we can reference the timeline of the photo below. The blue line shows how high up in the sky the sun would have to be to illuminate the portion of the towerhouse lit by the sun below...

pentagon from riverhouse tom horan 9-11
photo:by Tom Horan september 11 photos
This is quite a strange photo. While parts of the ground seem to be lit by the sun,
 the towerhouse is only partially lit at the top.

pentagon burning from riverhouse tom horan 9/11

fake pentagon camera
gate security camera CCTV

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september 11 F-16 pentagon plane video