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A quick background on the trajectory of Flight 77
The official story says that the steam vent retaining wall was hit by the port engine of flight 77.
The concrete was broken about 1 inch above the ground.
The wall was only 1 to 2 feet tall.
There were no burn marks on the grass, or other indications that a 757 hit this wall,
or that an engine (or plane) was this close to the ground here.
(see No 757 hit the pentagon on 9/11)
There were also several cable spools just under where the "plane" supposedly flew.
These reels are about 5 to 6 ft tall by my estimations.
They were not knocked down by the force of the jet, nor were they hit by it.
A Boeing 757 is about 155ft long, and the fuselage is over 13ft tall, not including the tail or landing gear.
(see boeing 757 specs and Pentagon trajectory)
The wingspan is about 125ft.

Flight 77 Port engine

click here for full size photo LARGE
Keep in mind the ground level, and that this photo is taken...
    1) Just after the explosion (supposed plane impact)
    2) the contour of the break of the concrete wall (where it is broken)
    3) The topography of the ground (the ground is not level, it appears to decend closer to the Pentagon)
    4) Where the other objcts are (the red light, and the cable spools)
Look at this photo closely, then continue...

Is this a heliport aviation light ?
   heliport aviation light ?

closeup photo of pentagon steam vent retaining wall september 11

  concrete wall pentagon 9/11

helipad lamp pentagon 9/11  pentagon closeup photo sept 11


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Looking at the topography of the Pentagon lawn, it seems that the ground dips down a bit.
for the engine to have clipped this wall, the engine would have had to be inches from the ground.
Actually, it appears to me, that it could not have hit the wall, without hitting the ground,
and the aviation light shown in these photos.
ground dips - foam spray photo 911


pentagon september 11 steam vent retaining wall

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retaining wall september 11th image 
renovation pentagon mil Phoenix photo 9-11-2001
enhanced pentagon photos sept 11

Is this a aviation lamp for the Pentagon heliport ?
aviation lamp for heliport
sept 14 steam vent retaining wall  Sepember 14 2001 steam vent retaining wall

fireman walking  broken concrete sept 11

How wide was the break really on this concrete wall ?
i have what i thought was the break circled in BLUE above, yet,
 it seems that just to the right of the purple circle, the break begins ?
Was the concrete broken again after the fact ?
This photo above seems to be taken days after 9/11

photo of Work being done to this area just after september 11th


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