Misc and amateur 9/11 photos ive collected.

Rare unseen + amateur September 11 world trade center photos - pictures

many are from Hereisnewyork.org.
Many of these are previously unseen, amateur or unpublished images.
(if the photo properties starts with a 4 digit number, that is the number on their server)
i have have cropped some to save space, or changed brightness and zoom levels
sorry if the page format is not very pretty, but this page is just intended to share some misc photos.
I tried somewhat to put an order to them the best I could

Oxygen starved black smoke ?
september 11 picture twin-tower smoke

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bright plasma red color coming out the tower...
september 11 twin-tower picture world trade center

 rare unseen closeup 9/11 photo

orb ufo image closeup world trade

NYC police stock trade wtc ?
NYC police stock trade?
9/11 twin-tower picture radio antennas and crane on building directly in the path of flight 175 september 11 twin tower image

Third explosion ?

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  september 11 pic, Biggart photo  WTC Biggart photo
Biggart image
Above right, notice the smoke coming from the right
Below, big white puff on the right ....
sept 11 north tower collapse world trade center
north tower collapse

Biggart photo
september 11 Biggart photo
Biggart photo

third explosion WTC september 11th
third wtc explosion
sept 11 towers  I believe this is a still from a video... september 11 twin towers video world trade center
video still

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tower video september 11th

closeup of the white dot. it does not appear to be a helicopter ?

911 attack on NY  9/11 attack NYC
911 nyc attack
9/11 NYC attack pics - chopper debris or ufo ?

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Video CGI at the World Trade Center W-ABC Camera Type Identification
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New pane video at the World Trade Center on 9-11

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Alien Abductions
Alien Abductions
Rare unseen amateur 9/11 photo WTC tower pics pictures ufo 9/11 unseen
mysterious strange private unknown unpublished image orb nyc attack september 11
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