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Pentagon Attack Fire

Pentagon attack fire hijacked boeing 757 did not hit the building

Firefighters reported that the bulk of the fire was extinguished quickly. Carol Valentin cites an article entitled "ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting) Crews Respond to the Front Line at Pentagon" written by Stephen Murphy, the executive editor of the National Fire Protection Association Journal. The dateline states the article was [WWW]November 1, 2001: Here is the opening paragraph:

"When a hijacked Boeing 757, skimming the street lights, smashed into the Pentagon on September 11, firefighters at nearby Reagan National Airport were the right responders in the right place with the right equipment."

According to the article, shortly before Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, a Reagan National aircraft rescue fire fighting team was already on the road, attending a car accident on the upper level of Airport Terminal B. (Aircraft rescue fire fighters don't usually respond to car accidents, of course and there is no mention that the cars involved were on fire.) The ARFF team had their backs to the Pentagon. At 9:38 a.m. they heard a dull roar, turned around, and saw the smoke. The article does not mention how the Reagan National team knew the Pentagon fire was the result of a plane crash; however, they left the airport immediately for the Pentagon, which was three miles away. They arrived in two or three minutes and put the bulk of the fire out in seven minutes. Do the math. The Reagan National team must have arrived at the Pentagon at approximately 9:40 or 9:41 a.m. If they extinguished the bulk of the fire in seven minutes, the "bulk of the fire" was extinguished at approximately 9:47 a.m. or 9:48 a.m.

But the core of the fire went on for days. Firefighters on the scene spoke of the [WWW]huge heat of the fire:

  • "The firemen were appreciative, as the heat inside the building was, in their words, "unbelievable." It was reported that at least three of the fireman had to be given IV fluids due to the extreme heat" [WWW]Terry Morin
  • "We're having a lot of trouble in there. It's about 3,000 degrees inside"  [WWW] Willis Roberts
  • "The ground was on fire. Trees were on fire. He was with the hospital corps in Vietnam when mortars and rocket shells dropped on the operating room near Da Nang -- but he had never witnessed anything of this devastating intensity" [WWW]Alan Wallace
  • "the whole back of the fire truck had melted" [WWW] William Yeingst
  • "The fire was so hot that firefighters could not approach the impact point itself until approximately 1 P.M." Patriotresource
  • "The fire was so intense it cracked concrete" USA Today
  • "The fire was so hot, Evey said, that it turned window glass to liquid and sent it spilling down walls into puddles on the ground" [WWW]Walker Lee Evey
  • "You heard this huge concussion, then the room filled with this real bright light, just like everything was encompassed within this bright light" Michael Beans
  • "that heat and fire, it could eat you alive in three seconds" [WWW]Washington Post>
  • "It was still burning 18 hr. later" [WWW]CBS News

Look at the heat of the core of the fire in picture by [WWW]Daryl Donley in Pentagon Attack; this photo is taken before the rest of the section above it "collapsed". The billowing black smoke on the right of the picture is from the cab, tires and diesel tanks of a truck parked in front of the Pentagon, not from the core of the fire itself. Notice the upright "Pentanium" spools silhouetted in the foreground.

September 14th, three days after the attack, at a 1 p.m. Pentagon news conference, James Schwartz the assistant chief, Arlington County Fire Department [WWW] says:

We have heavy fire in an area where there was collapse, and there is an awful lot of material beneath that collapse that is still quite hot. I'm not surprised at all by the idea that there is still burning going on underneath there; it's just that you're not seeing a whole lot of it because it's very deep-seated. As that burning continues, or as the rubble starts to shift, we get air in there and then we see a little bit of flame come out, as we did last night.

The bulk of a kerosene fire can be extinguished in seven minutes; neither a kerosene fire nor an office fire needs 3 days to be extinguished. A fire that burns at 2000-3000 oC could be a Depleted Uranium fire.

[WWW] It was a plane bomb - Huge Heat

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