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Pentagon Attack Debris


There is no debris on the lawn after the Pentagon Attack that is consistent with the crash of a 100 tonne airliner.

There is some debris from an aircraft, but nothing like what the crash of an airliner. As Killtown [WWW]comments:
( september 11Local Copy)

Introducing the amazing newPenta-Lawn 2000! Only the Amazing Penta-Lawn can withstand the shear punishment from the crash of a fully fueled 100 ton commercial airliner!

There are 8 foot tall cable spools for fiber optics that were just in front of the point of impact: they weren't even knocked over!

The debris is an eloquent witness to the Pentagon Attack, but not the crash of a Boeing 757.
  • The original Pentagon press conferences said there was no significant sized debris from an airliner.
  • There is insufficient debris on the lawn of the Pentagon for it to have been the crash of a Boeing 757.
  • The upright cable spools are independent proof in their own right that a Boeing 757 did not crash into the Pentagon on 9/11.
  • The debris is inconsistent with the crash of a Boeing 757.
  • The debris is consistent with the crash of a small jet aircraft, or possibly an unmanned AV if it were capable of launching a "bunker-buster" missile.
  • At first glance, in the ruble photographed at the exit hole, there is no debris reminiscent of an airliner - just office debris.
  • The sole piece of crash debris purporting to be from a Boeing 757 was probably planted as it comes from the wrong side of the plane.
  • Some pieces of the wreckage was carried away by Air Force personnel.

Also worrying is that some of the photos of the debris removal work at the Pentagon long after the attack indicate that they are taking against contamination, perhaps because of the presence of Depleted Uranium.


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