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Pentagon Attack Damage

pentagon plane trajectory september 11

One of the most telling photographs Meyssan, Thierry presents is on the cover of his  Le-Pentagate. The photograph is from the US DoD "All Hands" magazine, and is of a perfectly symmetrical hole about 2.3 meters in diameter, in the interior wall of the third ring inside the Pentagon, with a rescue worker in the foreground. As the trajectory marked by the dotted line, this hole from the blast is after having gone through 3 consecutive rings of the Pentagon: 2 exterior brick and concrete walls, 10 rows of 40 cm. square steel-reinforced concrete load-bearing pillars, the poured concrete floor between the first and second story, and 84 m. of interior offices with perhaps 4 poured concrete walls. That's about 4 m. of reinforced concrete. The DoD Pentagon Attack Legend is that this hole was caused by the fiberglass nose of a Boeing  ;))

The Pentagon is constructed with 42,000 40 cm. (15") square steel reinforced concrete pillars. The graphics below, provided by the DoD, shows the extent of the damage from the attack on 9/11 as destroyed pillars. By their count, there were 32 pillars destroyed, and a lesser number stripped to their steel reinforced core. 56 What is astonishing is the fact that the destroyed pillars form an almost perfectly straight line on a 45o angle. Nothing in the chaos of the disintegration of a soft shelled mass of fluid like an airliner hitting a stone, concrete and brick wall with steel reinforced load bearing pillars, would lead you to expect an almost perfectly linear path of destruction. "A plane is like a sausage skin: it doesn't have much strength and virtually crumbles on impact."

pentagon sept 11 columns damage

The damage to the interior is [WWW] too deep and too collimated to be from the liquid fuel of an airliner. Only a Shaped Charge bunker-buster warhead can cut that deep, through that much poured concrete, in a straight line.

load bearing pillars


The Pentagon exit Hole
and other damage may have been created by using something like this...
rapid wall breaching kit or similar device could have created some of the damage seen at the pentagon

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9-11 Review


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