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In the immediate aftermath of the attack on the Pentagon, the US military denied that it had any surveillance video that showed the attack. This seemed curious to say the least, as visitors to the Pentagon can easily see a surveillance video camera that had a full view of the side of the building. But the DoD must have been getting uncomfortable with the fact that Thierry Meyssan's first book was suggesting that a cruise missile was more likely to be the cause of damage to the Pentagon, especially when American Internet sites began discussing it. In late February of 2002 the American Patriot Fax Network hosted discussions of whether the French evidence (see Hunt The Boeing) indicated a 9-11 cover-up. Mere days after this, the Pentagon issued five frames from the Pentagon's west side security camera video to prove a plane really was involved in the attack.

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On the 7th of March 2002, frames from a security camera video were released to the US media. The Associated Press and all the major media networks reported on the released surveillance photos of the Pentagon as evidence of the 'plane' crash. They claimed that a white blur shows Flight 77 just before impact:

Of course, despite CNN's bold assertion to the contrary ("Images show September 11 Pentagon crash") the images don't show a plane or a plane crash. Moreover, a thorough analysis by a number of Flight 77 Sites shows that the images have been altered to obscure a portion of the background; see:

The FBI seized all other videos of the crash from the hotel across the street, and a september 11 nearby gas-station: see Pentagon Attack Videos.

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Pentagon Video 9/11 CCTV security gate cam.

The Pentagon CCTV security gate Video frames 911


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