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Pentagon Attack

Pentagon attack Sipa press fireball photo before collapse 9/11 picture

Some of the clearest proof that 9/11 was an act of United States Sponsored Terrorism comes from a close examination of the Pentagon Attack. In the above picture by Daryl Donley taken minutes after the attack at the Pentagon, the intense fireball is seen as coming from inside the building, and no wreckage of an airline crash is apparent.

The Pentagon Attack was not from a Boeing:

The Pentagon Plane Rotor debris does not match a Boeing 757.

The Pentagon was hit by an explosive warhead:

  • The first photos of the Pentagon Attack Fire show it's too hot to be a kerosene fire.
  • The Pentagon Attack Damage to the interior is too deep and too collimated to be from the liquid fuel of an airliner. Only a shaped-charge warhead can cut a circular hole in a wall after going through 3 m. of poured concrete.The light-grey smoke is indicative of a DU warhead strike, and not jet fuel.

The DoD and the FBI are engaged in a Ongoing Coverup of the details of what hit the Pentagon:

  • - The FBI seized the video from a gas station - [1] within minutes of the attack.
  • The FBI seized the video from the Sheraton Hotel and told the employees who had viewed the tape not to discuss what they had seen.
  • The DoD originally claimed that their surveillance video cameras did not capture the attack, but later released 5 frames from the camera that looks over the point of impact. After extensive analysis on a number of Flight 77 Web Sites, it is clear that the pictures have been tampered with. Pentagon Attack Cctv Video
  • Condoleezza Rice is a liar: the attack on the Pentagon was rehearsed in the Pentagon Mass Casulty planning excercise on October 24, 2000 - see our page Pentagon Mascal.

Must see summary of evidence in this 9/11 conspiracy september 11 Flash Video

september 11 pentagon videoSee our pages Flight 77 Sites .

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