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Mohamed El-Atriss
On July 31st 2002 another suspect was arrested, who apparently organised fake ID's.
His name is Mohamed El-Atriss:

September 11 Fake ID Suspect Flees U.S.
Wed Jul 31, 5:42 PM ET
By WAYNE PARRY, Associated Press Writer
"...A man who allegedly sold fake IDs to two of the September 11 hijackers apparently fled the country for Egypt just before authorities came to arrest him in a raid on his home and businesses Wednesday, investigators said.

Interpol was notified to be on the lookout for Egyptian immigrant Mohamed El-Atriss, who faces charges of manufacturing and distributing fraudulent documents and conspiracy.
El-Atriss, 43, sold a fake ID card to Khalid Almihdhar, who was on the airliner that crashed into the Pentagon and one to Abdul Aziz Alomari, who was aboard one of the planes that destroyed the World Trade Center, Sheriff Jerry Speziale said.
Khalid Almihdhar was under surveillance at least three times:
In January 2000 by the CIA, in August 2000 by the FBI (on order by John O' Neill) and once again later by the CIA. The FBI later claimed, they had to stop the investigation, but the CIA even allowed new visas,as Newsweek found out.

The ID story might be complex to understand, but hopefully you will remember, that Alomari officially got his ID first by Herbert Villalobos.
Which story is true, which is false?

The newer story now tells us this version:
"...Spokeswoman Sandra Carroll said investigators questioned El-Atriss after the Sept. 11 attacks and found no evidence he knew of the hijackers' plans.
El-Atriss, a naturalized U.S. citizen, operated businesses in Paterson and Elizabeth where he sold the identification cards, Speziale said. Authorities raided his home and business Wednesday afternoon and were told El-Atriss had taken a flight from Newark to Egypt, the sheriff said.
Inside the Paterson office, investigators found large rolls of plastic laminating sheets and backings used to make driver's licenses in several states. A sign outside the building identified it as a provider of international driver's licenses and ID cards, notary public, fax and passport services and a money transfer station.

Authorities said investigators have gathered 75 fake IDs that El-Atriss generated and sold for as much as $800 each. Authorities said they believe he sold as many as 18 fake IDs per day, and that his office also made counterfeit New Jersey license plates and auto title certificates.
The ID story as also the story around the hijacker routes might continue, the myth about a coincidence about an attack, based on "incompetence" is however already destroyed.

In Mid August, Newsweek revealed once again, that the war against Taliban was planned a long while ago, since 3 years.
There are also various quotes around from George Bush, George Tenet, Richard Clarke and former DoD in charge, Henry H. Shelton, that they wanted this war.
8 secret services warned the United Stats in time about an attack, Israel even twice,
one of the few services who didn't warn was the Secret Service of pakistan-the ISI.
Though with the best ties to the Taliban and Bin laden, former ISI-chief Massoud decided to visit Washington during September 4th to 15th, 2001 and met George Tenet, Richard Armitage but also Porter Goss and Bob Graham, who both had prior knowledge about an 'attack with plane' since August 6th, 2001 (Washington Post).

On September 10th, the Pentagon decided, that their employees are not allowed to take the plane on the following day.
But many other US-Admins decided different:
Henry H. Shelton was in Europe, George Bush spent the night in Florida at his brother, Richard Myers was not at the Pentagon, while Donald Rumsfeld was there 45 minutes with someone unknown at the phone, but didn't decide to evacuate the building after the whole staff saw the attack on the towers live on TV (Spokesman Veronica Clark in a Greta v. Succeren Interview)), Colin Powell was in Chile, John Ascroft was in Milwaukee and George Tenet spent the night and a breakfast with his "mentor" David Boren at the St. Regis Hotel, three blocks from the White House.
Official Reason for this meeting: Unknown.

Who hired and monitored the 19 hijackers to let this attack happen?

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