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Inside job

In the last year, the science research into 9/11 has allowed us to make stronger conclusions that were possible a year ago: not that they "Let It Happen On Purpose" (LIHOP) but that it was an "Inside Job". In viewing the events from the latter perspective, we find that more of the evidence fits in, and there are fewer unproductive "red herrings" to follow.

Some of the key elements that support the stronger point of view include:

  • The visas obtained by most of the Hijackers Patsies were through the US Consulate in Jeddah, a Cia Visas For Patsies programme, especially [WWW]the visa of Hani Hanjour.
  • The prior training of some the patsies at US military facilities.
  • The fact that the Twin Towers exploded rather than collapsed.
  • The synchronized demolition demonstrated in the Building 7 Collapse.
  • The fact that the Pentagon Attack Debris shows that what hit the Pentagon was not a Boeing 757, therefore not Flight 77.
  • The Pentagon Attack Damage that could have only been caused by a warhead.
  • The 20 m. long 1/2 m. diameter cylinder under the fuselage of the plane that hit the South Tower, which makes it unlikely to have been Flight 175, even if it was a Boeing 767 - see Wtc2 Plane Pod.
  • The fact that the anthrax in the Anthrax Attacks was from the US Army illegal bio-weapons programme, and that it's targets in the Capitol were senators who opposed the Patriot Act, and caused such a disruption to the democratic process that the Patriot Act was passed september 11 without it even being read.
  • The Ongoing Coverup led by the President [sic] and Vice-President [sic].
  • The lack of any substantial evidence that the patsies were even on the planes - there has been security video footage from the connecting airport at Portland, but none of any of them boarding the planes at Logan, Newark or Dulles. Hanjour is reported by McMedia as not even having a ticket!
  • The lack of any meaningful inquiry into the plane crashes as required by law, which would be of no consequence if they LIHOP, but would reveal the overwhelming evidence that it was an Inside Job. This includes failure to release most of the black box data, and the truncating of the only voice data that they did allow to be heard - see Flight 77 Black Boxes.

An Inside Job means that 9/11 was planned and executed by elements of the US government and shadow government, and that the likely role of Osama Bin Asset was as an intelligence asset, and that the hijackers that actually existed were likely patsies.

The distinction is important in that there is a media disinformation campaign pushing the The Saudis Did It flavour of LIHOP, as well as some "9/11 skeptics" who are advocating the LIHOP as a means of preventing or dissuading investigation into the fact that 9/11 was an Inside Job.


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