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In His Own Words

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui

Sometimes, nothing can be more eloquent that the words of the people most directly involved; especially when that person is on trial for his life.

There are the words of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker. They have been selected from a USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11Transcription of Handwritten Motions he filed when acting in his own defense.1 Although we have tried to edit them down as much as possible, it is still lengthy, but very worthwhile reading, as it is so rich in its explicit claims of a cover-up of what really happened on 9/11, by the only person directly concerned who is trying to tell the truth. For a full list of his motions, see Moussaoui Motions.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11246 2002-01-07 MOTION to Stop Leonie Brinkema DJ playing Game with My Life

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11247 2002-01-07 MOTION to Appear in Front of Congress Hearing on FBI Knowledge and Responsibility on the Sept 11 Attack

ALLAH U AKBAR. I, Servant of God, must be free to appear in front of the Congress hearing relating to the September 11 attack and the FBI.

I have relevant information and proof relating to conduct of the FBI regarding the Sept 11.

The world has the right to know about September 11; Judge Brinkema cannot deceive the World.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11248 2002-01-07 MOTION to Give Me A Chance to Defend Myself By Seeing Bro Freeman to Receive Out of Court Legal Assistance on Federal Law

The FBI cannot win the case without her stopping me from speaking in Court. She wants to remove me from my own defense so to control the agenda of my defense. They know that I can prove beyond reasonable doubt that this case is an FBI, government cover-up.

There is enough circumstantial proof as well as direct evidence to show that the US government and FBI etc ... were conducting a surveillance operation on me and the 19 hijackers. They arrested me and not Hanjour,Hani who was a few weeks before me at the Pan Am Flight school (and had been reported has a Danger) because they knew that I was not with the 19 hijackers and therefore they would not be alerted or scared by my arrest. To have arrested Hanjour would have alerted the 19 hijackers.

Judge Brinkema is constantly looking for any excuse to remove me from court. She knows that I must be killed to close this case once and for all. They know that God willing, one day somebody will speak out in the FBI or government; therefore I must be killed before. Even a life in prison sentence is not good for them because one day people will come to understand that this Judge Leonie Brinkema is orchestrating a conspiracy to murder Zacarias Moussaoui.

If the US government and the FBI has a strong case as they claim for the last 6 months, why do they use every dirty trick to prevent me from defending my life?

Charles Freeman was allowed to see me, but when he refused to join their conspiracy to kill me, they kicked him out of the jail, and Judge Brinkema threatened him by lying in court (as usual). Deception is the way of Judge Brinkema.

At the moment, I have nobody to investigate the case for me outside, to contact witness in my favor abroad, to identify witnesses for subpoenas. I have no access at all to news. No right to TV, To Newspaper, To Radio. Even the prayer Timetable, I have to calculate it now. No phone, No printer.

The only way for them to win this case: To have no opposition.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11249 2002-01-07 MOTION to Appear in Front of the Grand Jury Convene on September 11 Attack to Testify

The prosecution has denied me the right to appear in front a a Grand Jury in New York, and is falsely claiming that I refused. I challenge the US government to produce any court transcript any document where I refused to appear in front of the Grand Jury.

In fact days before I was due to appear in court in New York to give my response on whether or not I will testify, the US government indicted me. This is another example of their manipulation of the US legal system to gag me and prevent me from exposing the cover-up of the FBI.

As it has been said by the government that the threat of Sheik Usama Bin Laden (may God protect him) and Al Qaïda and associates, is on-going; I must be allowed to testify about my knowledge of these "terrorists", and on the September 11 attack.

As I was forbidden to have access to any kind of national security information (in fact almost to any kind of information). No security reason can be falsely claimed by this court. I will allow myself to be chained, hand cuffed, leg cuffed, wearing a stun belt, with 20 or 30 marshals, as long as I can say what I know about the Sept 11 attack.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11250 2002-01-07 MOTION to Compel the Government to Withdraw the Charge Against Me Because the FBI were Conducting an Undercover Surveillance Operation

Judge Brinkema will most probably try to pretend that FBI agent Coleen Rowley is not relevant for the investigation on Sept 11. The Coleen Rowley testimony under my examination will let all Americans know how their own government cynically allowed the Sept 11 in order to destroy Afghanistan.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11256 2002-02-07 MOTION to Remove Federal Public Defender from any Activity in this Case Because of their Conspiracy to Kill Me and their Ineffective Assistance. As well as any Government Court Appointed Lawyer

ALLAH U AKBAR. From January to June Federal Public Defender pretended to assist me in my defense. In reality, they were (and are) hiding the evidence of an FBI cover-up from me. They voluntarily avoided to investigate the case in Britain and France and Germany in order not to uncover that the claim by the FBI not to be able to get a warrant because of lack of evidence is completely false.


The downloading of the 2 smart cards of my British GSM cellular phone will have given them telephone No of Atef Ahmed, the person that works for the British intelligence, and that betrayed me.


Why Federal Public Defender did not ask the FBI and INS why I have been issued with an order of deportation 1 day after my arrest. Any lawyer in US know that the INS always waits until after the FBI completes its investigation to issue an Order of deportation. Any lawyer will understand that the FBI/INS did that to avoid charging me, to stop further investigation, to prevent me from getting a lawyer, because I did not have, under the waiver program, the right to appear in front of an Immigration Judge.

A hearing must be held to give a complete account on how these government lawyers are actually trying to convict me. Judge Brinkema is fully aware of this and that why she always threatens me to remove me from my own defense. She knows that it will mean certain death for me.

They want to put on a show talking about Al Qaïda etc. and avoiding talking about a FBI cover-up. Like in politics, it is not the argument that matters, it is the Agenda.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11257 2002-02-07 MOTION Nobody can Prepare Sept 11 in 14 Working Days

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11258 2002-02-07MOTION to have "I heard you were going on Jihad" Conversation Recorded on the 18 of August 2001 Sherburne County Jail and the FBI Declassified as Secret and Given to Me

Senior FBI were obliged by the repeated complaints of PAN AM school staff to arrest me, but they could not arrest Hanjour, who was also reported by PAN AM, because they knew that he was part of the 19 hijackers. But the FBI could arrest Zacarias Moussaoui because the FBI knew by their Secret surveillance that he was not with the 19 hijackers.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11260 2002-02-07 MOTION to Force the So Call Counsel and Standby Government Lawyer to Hand over Defense Production and Material Produce Before My Installation as Pro Se on June 13

ALLAH U AKBAR. Despite being install as Pro Se (Self Defence) this court has failed to order Mc Mahon and the Federal Public Defender to hand over defense production and material. This is a concerted effort to deny me knowledge of favorable evidence that will oblige the government to withdraw the entire case.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11261 2002-02-07 MOTION to Stop DJ Leonie Brinkema to Remove Me from My Defense Pro Se

Judge Brinkema wants to force her government standby lawyer in my defense, so they will be able to control the strategy, the Agenda. These government lawyers will deceive everybody by pretending to defend me, and talking about Usama Bin Laden (May God protect him), Al Qaïda (?) etc. When in fact my clearly indicated goal is to prove that my prosecution is an FBI cover up of Sept 11. It is an FBI conspiracy to murder Zacarias Moussaoui.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11262 2002-02-07 MOTION Bro. Freeman Must be Allow to See Me to Provide Out of Court Legal Assistance and Investigate the Case in Europe for Me

ALLAH U AKBAR. Without any contact with the outside world nobody can defend himself. Since my arrest and indictment the government is stopping anybody of my choice from helping me. They try to deceive me, and force me to accept their appointed lawyer.

Charles Freeman is the only person that helps me to defend my life, that is why the government has stopped his visits to the Alexandria Jail.

After I explained the case to him he understood it, and in the same way. Charles Freeman will contact lawyers in Europe such as the Muslim [word nc] or[nc] British law in Britain to start lawsuits against the British government to force them to disclose their cooperation with the FBI on my surveillance before Sept 11. The same for the German government regarding the Hamburg cell.

Many lines of investigation exist in Europe to prove that it is an FBI cover-up.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11263 2002-02-07 MOTION to Speak to the Press

ALLAH U AKBAR. For more than 10 month I am cut off of the outside world. The US government has orchestrated the greatest propaganda machine to convince their citizens and the world that I am the 20th hijacker.

If they have such a strong case why I am stopped in court from telling my story about the FBI cover-up.

Why is no journalist allowed to visit me to hear my story?

Why did they gag me and stop Charles Freeman to visit me?

I have declared publicly my complete and total hostility to the US, and yet no nuclear bomb has been launched against the US for almost 2 months.

Public security is being used to hide, to cover-up, what the FBI knew about September 11.

The Media, the press is following (if I believe hearsay of Alexandria Jail Deputy) the line of the government: Zacarias Moussaoui is the 20th pilot because of the money connection. Bring your proof you liars.

Nobody wants to hear my reality of the FBI cover-up: too much is at stake.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11264 2002-02-07 MOTION to Compel the INS to Certify that I Did Not Receive Instruction, Recommendation, Plea, Representation, Demand from any other Government Agencies to Issue the Order of Deportation

ALLAH U AKBAR. After my arrest in INS immediately issued an order of deportation. This is in complete contradiction with the well-known practice of the INS to give time to the FBI to investigate before issuing an order of deportation.

This order of deportation issued around the 17 August (or 18) 2001 enabled the government to hold me without the FBI having to charge me. Being on a waiver entry program, I had no right to appear in front of a Judge, therefore no lawyer wanted to take the case. I contacted the Minnesota Advocate for Human Rights but they declined indicating that the order of deportation was final.

In fact, the INS was asked to handle the case to avoid allowing FBI field agents to interview me, and to be able to find cause of concern.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11265 2002-02-07 MOTION to Compel the National Computer Crime Must Certify that No Instruction, Order, Recommendation, Information was Placed by any Government Agencies on Zacarias Moussaoui and/or any of the 19 Hijackers on his National Computer Crime System

ALLAH U AKBAR. In August 2001 I was pulled-over by police in Norman, Oklahoma after crossing a yellow line, running a red traffic light, and driving 40 when speed was 25. My car is not registered in my name, and therefore had plates belonging to the previous owner (who declared it sold in the beginning of March). After checking my British driving license (how did they do that?), why did they not impound the car which had plates of the previous owner? At this point they had no way to know who the car belonged to, as it was not registered. They advised me not to drive carelessly, but they did not issue me a ticket for 3 serious road offenses, and for driving a car who is not registered at my name for more 9 months.

I am sure that Norman police must have received information instructions by the Nation Computer Crime database, or otherwise, not to stop, arrest or impede Zacarias Moussaoui. AL ATTAS and Mukarain[nc] were witnesses to this incident, as well as another Muslim attending the early prayer (Fajr).

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11266 2002-02-07 MOTION to Get FBI Certification and or Immediate Release

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11269 2002-03-07 REPLY to the Response of Government to Electronic Expert Surveillance Forensic 
Independant Examination of My Belonging

I want an electronic surveillance forensic expert to find the tracking device and bug of the FBI.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11270 2002-03-07 MOTION for Immediate Release and/or FBI Certification that the FBI were not Conducting and Undercover Surveillance Operation Against Zaccarias Moussaoui and the 19 Hijacker and Facilitated their Movement and Prevented their Arrest

When Coleen Rowley wrote to FBI Director Mueller III that the resistance of the FBI headquarters was so fierce when the Minneapolis office tried to get a warrant, that field agents in Minneapolis were joking that Sheik Usama Bin Laden had infiltrated the FBI Headquarters. The only point she missed is that sometimes enemies work together for a common good (i.e. WAR, actually JIHAD).

So what next?!

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11271 2002-03-07MOTION to See Bro. Freeman and Be Able to Defend My Life

The Judge prevents me from asking the FBI for certification that they were not conducting an under-cover surveillance operation against me and the 19 hijackers before Sept 11. She let the government off the hook with: "The Government is unaware of such surveillance."

No doubt that at trial she will stop me (probably remove me) when I will try to speak to the jury about the FBI cover up.

She is making fun of me by having 100s of CDs sent to me but no printer; video cassettes, but no right to video player; audio tapes but right to audio player. No right to phone, to see, to talk to Bro Freeman.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11279 2002-05-07 REDACTED MOTION for Freedom of Justice and Freeman (Orginal Document Filed Under Seal)

These information are crucial as these government are lying about their knowledge of Sept 11 before the attack. French, British, German, Dutch, Pakistan, Malaysian et were all cooperating with the FBI in tracking and monitoring the movement of the 19 hijacker and Zacarias Moussaoui.

The prosecution knows that I might be able to get proof of this cooperation between the FBI and the European Government, so they delay all my letters so no reply could reach me before the end of Motion time (the 8 July).


This is not even a parody of Justice it is a summary public execution.

Taking account of the [word nc] of the tactic employed (no legal assistance, no phone, no information, 24 hour light and surveillance) I expect anything from the US government. A Lee Harvey Oswald end is a distinct possibility. Alexandria Jail is constantly having new Deputy, it will be easy to claim that a distraught Sept 11 family member gained employment and shot me. Or they might claim that I committed suicide; after all they already have done ground work by claim that I was mentally unstable, paranoid ..



The know that I can prove that the FBI were conducting an under cover surveillance operation against me before my arrest and the 19 hijackers before Sept 11. That is why they arrested me only when PAN AM reported me and Hanjour. Because to have arrested Hanjour one of the 19 hijacker will have alerted them. But to arrest Zacarias Moussaoui was not a problem, because he was not one of the 19 Hijackers.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11280 2002-08-07 MOTION for Immediate Release of Moussaoui Zacarias Due to Overwhelming Proof of an FBI Cover Up; Hearing Must Be Held to Hear Testimony of Hussein AL ATTAS Along Side Coleen Rowley

The full transcript of AL ATTAS conversation with the Norman Imam has been, on June 1 2002, classified as Secret. The FBI is using Under Seal and Secret classification to prevent the people to have a complete picture of the cover up.

How come this conversation become secret only on June 1 2002 after I started to expose their cover up.

AL ATTAS has not been accused of any crime; the Imam of the Norman Mosque as well. How can their conversation threaten the US National Security ???

Indeed, it is a major risk; it's a threat against the US cover up of September 11. AL ATTAS will enable everybody to know that the FBI is currently conspiring to kill by legal means Zacarias Moussaoui to cover up for Sept 11.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11281 2002-08-07 REPLY to Government Response Docket 243

The FBI has facilitated the operation of the 19 hijackers. As such, they are part of the conspiracy.

Nobody can be Victim, Judge, Jury, Prosecution, Defendant and Criminal.

May be Yes: after all I am the one who said: "Everything is Possible in America".

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11282 2002-08-07 MOTION to be Handed All Printout of [sic] Death Appointed Lawyer Mc Mahon and Federal Public Defender of Defense Production and Material Before June 13, 2002

ALLAH U AKBAR. Judge Brinkema is still maintaining that her lawyers have the best intention toward me, but they refuse to hand over printouts of defense production and material made before 13 June when I became officially Pro Se. Judge Brinkema has ordered that this production should be handed over to her new boy, standby lawyer Yamamoto. As Pro Se, I am fully and exclusively entitled to this production and material made before June 13 2002 and her Yamamoto has no right as the law specify that he is appointed for courtroom procedure and protocol. He is not under the law as falsely claimed by Judge Brinkema, here for "Strategy."

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11284 2002-08-07 Motion to sustain the 3 appeal 102-6, 02-7, 08, and to make appeal of the orders]

Judge Brinkema is engage in a race against time to prevent me exposing the FBI cover up on Sept 11.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11MOTION to See What the Scam is About

ALLAH U AKBAR. Since Sept 11 the FBI and the prosecution have been sponsoring the most savage propaganda in US history against a single Muslim. They have convince the entire world (except Muslims of course) that I was the 20th Hijacker because of the Money Trail. So let see it. Why do they not give me the print out of the German Side of the Western Union Money transfer filled by Ahad Sabet? Why do they not give me the Visa application print out filled by Ramzi Bin al Shibhi? The FBI don't want me to carry forensic examination of this document because it will expose their biggest lie of the Prosecution: Ahad Sabet and Ramzi Bin Al Shibhi are two Different persons.

Article 6 of US constitution say that the Defendant should receive evidence against him. Until now I have received nothing because there is No evidence. They fabricated the whole thing and they are deceiving the American public by saying that Ahad Sabet and Ramzi Bin Al Shibhi are the same person. They are not and I will prove it.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11287 2002-08-07 MOTION to Respect Her Own Word

Time will expose you Judge Brinkema. You are taking every step to prevent me exposing the FBI cover up of Sept 11 and thus to defend my life. I have refused, in the past, present and future all your appointed lawyers. I will never allow them to take control of my case, of the "strategy" so they can hide the FBI under-cover surveillance against me and the 19 hijackers. Today 8 July, Capt Mitchell use force to try to have me met your Yamamoto Death Lawyer. I know that you will try to create incident in Court probably with the Marshall activating the Stun belt and claiming that I made a "Threatening Move." Yes it is a big threat to the US Govt., the FBI, the Fed Public Defender etc., and Judge Brinkema, to let Zacarias Moussaoui speak about the FBI under-cover surveillance operation against the 19 hijackers and Zacarias Moussaoui.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11288 2002-08-07 MOTION Anti FBI Cover Up Motion to Have Free Access to My Testimony and Freeman Bro.

ALLAH U AKBAR. In their War on Truth and Openness, the FBI and the prosecution have filed under seal their Censure measure on my proposed Grand Jury Testimony.

Basically they do not want anybody to hear my version of Sept 11 FBI cover up. The FBI headquarters and prosecution in their response specifically stated (see heading) that NO Marshall, NO FBI Agent (field of course) should hear my Testimony. After months where they claim that I am the most dangerous person on Earth, they say:

"We propose that agents remain just outside the door to the Grand Jury room and if a security issue arose, we would cease Testimony and summon the Marshals."

No doubt that the security of the US government is more threatened by what Zacarias Moussaoui has to say than by Zacarias Moussaoui himself. I must be allowed to present evidence of cover up (where is my bugged fan!).

This court, through its supervisory power over the Grand Jury, can direct that certain evidence be presented to a Grand Jury, when the failure to do so would result in a clear deprivation of due process or manifest miscarriage of Justice. (or a government cover up.) Moreover this Judge can order that the Grand Jury sit in Public. Taking account of the current effort of the FBI and prosecution to prevent the Americans and the World to know about the FBI cover up and surveillance operation on Sept 11, Judge Brinkema must order the public and televised Grand Jury testimony of Zacarias Moussaoui. Does the FBI have something to hide? (YES)

Zacarias Moussaoui wants to talk about conspiracy (e.g. to murder).

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11289 2002-08-07 MOTION Against the Use of Violence and the Threat of Violence By Captain Mitchell of Alexandria Jail

This is very important for them to give this fabricated, false impression to the American public because they are planning to remove me from my defense so nobody will speak about the FBI cover up. People will find it difficult to accept to have[nc] a lawyer who never had a conversation with a defendant.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11293 2002-09-07 MOTION to Put Some Sanity in the Superlying Indictment

Indeed more than 10 Month after the Sept 11 attack the FBI has not charged anybody in the world for the actual attack of September 11 and the FBI will never charge and bring to trial any member of Al Qaïda or else.

The FBI charged Zacarias Moussaoui with conspiracy and not the attack, so that the FBI do not have to prove who did the attack organization and planning. Thus the FBI do not have to give evidence of their under-cover surveillance operation against me and the 19 brother Shahidi (God willing).

Thus the FBI is prosecuting Zacarias Moussaoui with an UNPROVEN THEORY. The FBI do not want to charge the Lion of God, because it will prove that Zacarias Moussaoui was not in 19 martyrs team.


USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11294 2002-09-07 MOTION to Improve the Security for the Life of Zacarias Moussaoui

Judge Brinkema is the only person who can stop the US government from loosing the case and prevent Zacarias Moussaoui to expose the FBI under-cover surveillance operation on him and the 19 hijackers.

Judge Brinkema, you can cheat, you can lie, but you cannot win.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11295 2002-09-07 MOTION to Have Hearing on the 11 July 2002 to Expose the Truth on the FBI Under Cover Surveillance Operation Against Me and the 19 Hijackers

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11296 2002-09-07 MOTION to Have the Right to a Public Trial

ALLAH U AKBAR. AFTER the 22 April I wrote to the Death Judge to indicate that all my motion must be in the Public Domain File, unless I marked them Under Seal. Using her favorite technique of Compassionate Conservatism, namely pretending to want to protect me, to help me, this Judge Brinkema is [word nc], interfering and lying to make sure to destroy my defense.

This Judge lied so many times in court and in her order. The latest is that "This motion may reveal defense strategy and attorney-client communication." she is lying as she knows that there is no attorney-client communication, because I am Pro Se and I will not ever talk to any of her death lawyers.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11298 2002-09-07 MOTION Against Government Redaction of My Totale Opposition to Suicide and the Right to Respond Before Order

ALLAH U AKBAR. The US government is using security reasons to try to censure my deep Islamic religious belief that suicide is forbidden in Islam.

On July 5 2002 I filed a Motion titled: Vicious Tactic where I describe all of the measure taken to prevent my defense (censure to write to European Court of Justice and Parliament, which until now has not be permitted for the third week in a row.

Moreover due to the [word nc] and severe nature of the vicious Tactic I indicated that the US gov might probably consider to KILL me having claimed that I was mentally unstable. The US will try to stage a suicide for Moussaoui. So I took and take the precaution to state clearly and unequivocally: "to All my brothers, I want to say that suicide is forbidden in Islam. You go to hell for ever."

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11302 2002-10-07 MOTION to Stop the Cynical Comedy, Parody, of Justice Directed by DJ Brinkema

Now she is preparing to stage an incident in court so she can remove me from my defence and stop me exposing the FBI cover-up on the Sept 11 attack.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11305 2002-10-07 MOTION to Have the Grand Jury Testimony of Zacarias Moussaoui on July 16, 2002 Open to the People of America and the World

ALLAH U AKBAR. The FBI and the US govt. prosecution is trying to hide Sept. 11 from the American people.

The FBI do not even want its own field agents to be at the grand jury testimony of Zacarias Moussaoui.


Justice is with freedom of information.

Justice commands that the Americans know the truth of sept 11.

Justice for the families of sept 11.

What do the FBI and the US government have to hide?

What do they have to fear?

Justice, the truth!


In fact one can safely say that if this prosecution is allowed to go on, it will result in the most outrageous miscarriage of justice, where the FBI, who facilitated the movement of the 19 hijackers in the US, will kill Zacarias Moussaoui to silence him.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11306 2002-10-07 MOTION to Stop DJ Brinkema and Her Standby Lawyer to Undermine My Credibility, Dignity and my Ability to Defend Myself (to Save My Life)

No doubt it is crazy to want to expose the FBI cover up!

ALLAH U AKBAR. Since the 28 of June the FBI in blocking my letters to the European Court of Justice and the Parliaments requesting their intervention to oblige the French, German, British, Dutch governments to disclose their cooperation with the FBI in the under-cover surveillance operation of me and the 19 hijackers.

The FBI is desperate to stop this letters but know it can only delay them (already 2 weeks). So the FBI, in cooperation with the Judge and standby lawyer, are returning to the crazy story.

This is there best chance to stop me exposing the FBI cover-up by simply removing me from my life's defense by claiming that Zacarias Moussaoui is crazy.

Brinkema is carefully preparing the ground by saying that a Doctor "is continuing to evaluate the defendant's mental competency" I never met him and will never meet him but who care? They are in charge.

One of the "great deceiving strength" of Judge Brinkema is to prevent the public to have a complete picture of what she is doing with the prosecutor and standby by putting all SENSITIVE MOTION who Expose their activity UNDER SEAL and or redacting my motion who expose them.


These examples and logics I gave to explain why only a plea of no contest can save my life. in fact even if found guilty a jury might not impose the death penalty on a defendant if they believe he did not really know what was going on and if they believe you have been truthful to them and did not try to deceive them.

Everybody is forecasting that I will be found guilty, but I know that most important thing is to avoid the death penalty. Because one day, somebody will uncover the FBI cover-up of September 11.

That is why for the FBI, US govt., L Brinkema, the standby lawyer, I must be removed and enter a not guilty plea. So that the jury will take revenge on the liar, the coward who trys to cheat.

Only death will do for Brinkema and co. To put under seal Moussaoui for ever.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11315 2002-11-07 MOTION to See Bro Freeman Before My Grand Jury Testimony on 16 July

This is not a CHINESE TRIAL

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11316 2002-11-07 MOTION to Compel the FBI to Release My Letter to the European Court of Justice and Parliament, the German High Court and Parliament, The British High Court and Parliament, the Dutch High Court and Parliament

(Letter was given to FBI on 25 June 2002).

In these very sensitive Letters, I request these institutions to force the British, French, German and Dutch governments to admit and publicly disclose their collaboration with the FBI in the under-cover surveillance operation against me and the 19 hijackers before Sept 11.

Being on Death Row, the US government knows that it is extremely likely that the European Court of Justice and Parliaments will intervene.


They know they have to remove me now so i cannot contact Europe.

I have already written motions to the Judge Brinkema, but she put them under the carpet, under seal.

Next week i will probably be found crazy (not even a month after being found sane, crazy isn't it).

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11322 2002-15-07 MOTION to Stop the Liars and Freedom of Information and Security for Zacarias Moussaoui

Until proven guilty I have a right to live. I don't want finish like Oswald.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11323 2002-15-07 MOTION to Stop Zacarias Moussaoui State Murder and Have the Right to Contact the French Embassy and National Assembly

In my constant effort to save my life against this state murder, I took the step to try to contact the French Consulate. Being holder of a French passport, I have the right to contact the French embassy. In a complete disregard of law and norms of civility, the US government is refusing to allow me to contact the French consulate and National Assembly before I will be declared insane by Judge Brinkema.

I have indicated to the French government in a letter which is block by the US government that Bro Freeman must be nominated as my legal advisor in the US. The French Consulate must immediately contact Bro Freeman, who already has received FBI security clearance, so he can again visit me to assist me in my endless struggle to save my life.

Justice is with Truth.

Justice is with Fairness.

Justice is with Openness.

Justice is with Freedom of Information.

Justice is with Freedom of Speech.

Justice is with Equality.

Justice is with Honesty.

Justice is with Humanity.

Don't you know that Brinkema?

Judge Brinkema, along with the US government, fully understand that my resolute fight and my effort to contact European institution must be stop at any cost so the FBI under-cover surveillance operation on Sept 11 not be exposed.


For example, Anti-NAZI and Anti-STASI law give me in Germany as European resident the right to access Secret File held by the German Secret Police.

The treatment and measures taken by the Fascist Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are crimes against humanity. Nobody should be killed without the right to speak out to defend his life.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11325 2002-15-07 MOTION Leonie Brinkema Embargo on Bro Freeman Legal Assistance Services to Me, Must Stop Now

ALLAH U AKBAR. The Fascist Bureau of Inquisition, with the Special Services of Führer Brinkema, are preparing the Final Solution of Zacarias Moussaoui: the gaz chamber.


Justice is even for your enemy in Islam, but for Demon cratic Justice, there is no law, no rule.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11326 2002-15-07 MOTION Already 3 Weeks that I Ask You Leonie Brinkema to Order the FBI to Release My Letter to Europe

Today America, you enjoy the way the FBI and Brinkema are killing me, but tomorrow it will be your turn. Because a Fascist Bureau of Inquisition always starts with a scapegoat.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11327 2002-15-07 MOTION to Be Given Printout of the Visa Application of Ramzi and the Western Union Money Transfer of Ahad Sabet

ALLAH U AKBAR. Now the Government is telling me that they don't have enough electricity to run my printer. Judge Brinkema is turning a blind eye so she can declare me Crazy before I can show to the world that the FBI lie when they say that Ramzi bin al-Shibh is Ahad Sabet.

A week ago, I challenged the Government to produce the Visa application of Ramzi and the Western Money transfer of Ahad Sabet and to order a public forensic examination of the hand writing. The FBI is refusing and Brinkema is supporting.

So I am still in my "CAVE" with no contact with BRO FREEMAN

Basically, no justice.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11328 2002-15-07MOTION to Have a Fair Trial Free of Islamphobia and Discrimination

Even Muslims have the right to justice.

Motion to have a fair trial free of Islamaphobia and discrimination.

ALLAH U AKBAR. Judge Brinkema must understand that the right to a fair trial is a fundamental right of humanity. Even Muslim are entitled to Justice and Fairness. By refusing to respond to my motions and by preparing to remove me from my Pro Se defense Judge Brinkema is showing complete disrespect for the value of FAIR TRIAL.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11329 2002-15-07 MOTION to Stipulate My Right and Duty to Live on this Earth a Long and Happy Life (with four wives) and to Stop this Judge Misrepresenting My Fight For Life

Judge Brinkema's aim is now to declare me insane for my so-called "own welfare", and for the American justice interest.

The only interest she serves is the US Government's interest to cover-up the FBI knowledge of Sept 11. Not to forget her own would be supreme court interest.

The right to life is a fundamental right in Islam. Everybody should know that islam does condemn suicide. Islam is a religion of peace and harmony with life.


While lying and deceiving the American and the world Judge Brinkema is supporting the blocking of my pro life letter to the European Court of Justice and Parliament for the last four weeks in a row.

Judge Brinkema is now allowing the US Government to deny me access to the services of the French embassy.

Judge Brinkema is without a doubt pro choice: the choice for the killing of Zacarias Moussaoui.

# USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11330 2002-15-07 MOTION to Stop the FBI to Temper With Evidence and to Have Hussein AL ATTAS and Ali Mukhram Called as Witness Immediate Hearing

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11331 2002-15-07 MOTION to Force Leonie Brinkema to Accept Bro Freeman Motion

ALLAH U AKBAR. In her constant effort to have me sent to the GAZ CHAMBER, Judge Brinkema is refusing to accept on my behalf the motion filed by Bro Freeman.

No wonder, because Bro Freeman is an experienced death row expert he understand that she has completely sided with the government, and abuses her authority in many many occasions.

USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11332 2002-15-07 MOTION to Have the Right to Get all Motion Filed in My Case and to Stop Standby Lawyer Interfereing in My Pro Se Defense

ALLAH U AKBAR. For many months Judge Brinkema has been ignoring my right to be informed on my own case. Her standby death lawyers are maliciously[nc] filing motions without even me being informed by this Judge.

I have a right to conduct my own defense and this Judge must stop interfering with her crony standby lawyer.


Judge Brinkema is refusing me the assistance of Bro Freeman and she is side-tracking and ignoring all my effort to defend myself, and she will very soon remove me from my own defense so that nobody will know about FBI cover up.

Editor's Note: On November 14, 2003, US District Judge Brinkema USA vs. Zacarias Moussaoui 9/11revoked Moussaoui's right to defend himself.

(!) See our page: Moussaoui Motions.


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