Some of the best analysis of the Sept11Videos is by Rosalee Grable [WWW] The Web Fairy ( [WWW] Local Copy)

Sometimes it is good to just let the pictures speak for themselves.

These are simple enlargements, created by breaking the original footage into bitmap frames, converting the Bitmaps with Genuine Fractals to allow scalar enlargement without pixelization.

Then I crop the enlargements to show a particular detail, and assemble the stills back into footage.


The plane that hit WTC was unlikely to have been a Boeing.

[WWW]Ghostplane II

Watch very carefully frame-by-frame just before the impact, and then after most of the explosion has died down.

[WWW] Missileout

A frame-by frame analysis shows a 20 m. long cylinder underneath the plane that hits WTC2, that opens just before impact. These frames have been editing from some of the US news media footage - the plane "jumps" over that spot.

[WWW] Spire

- The strange collapse of the spire. See our page TwinTowersSpireExpires

[WWW] Nuclear Glow

See our page TwinTowersGlow

[WWW] Demolition

Conventional demolitions, like the Building7Collapse


As the collaspe reaches the white spot highlighted by the arrow, suddenly the collapse explodes horizontally.


documenting the violence of the shockwave that struck a helicopter observing the collapse of the TwinTowers. A collapsing building does not generate a shockwave - only explosive in a building will do that. See PentagonAttackWitnessesBlast.

See also [WWW] the video clip of "collapse" of World Trade Center 7 which shows the perfect controlled demolition in the Building7Collapse ( [WWW] Local Copy).

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