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911review is not affiliated with, or receive money from any political party.

911review was the brain child of Michael Elliot.
Much of the content came from Mr. Elliot, along with several other researchers,
including myself and Nico Haupt who created the 9/11 Encyclopedia
Thanks to all who contributed to this effort and its contents.

I will continue to add material as i see relevant,
trying to keep the sites original intentions.
Nico is currrently exposoing the trtuth of September 11 at our new site...
This site is rich in content, and is highly recommended
for anyone who wants to research the events of September 11 in depth.
Other research on this site includes the London attacks (7/7)

Also, thanks is in order to Kee Dewdney,
and all of the members of physics911

New Material will be posted in several areas.
check the front page often, as i am trying to keep it updated with new material.

Here are a few of the URL's that are currently being updated

This is an area in which i am adding for my own 911 site,

Brad's Batcave911 can ber found here...
this is a mirror , the current URL is
from my original Batcave911 site (which was taken offline on September 10 2004)

reference articles pertaining to September 11 attacks can be found here... mirrored articles can be found here...


I started a MYSPACE page here...

My old weblog at phyics911 can be found here...
though i rarely update it anymore.

my blogspot site is here...
though i am only using this to archive new links right now.
hopefully i will be able to start updating one of these on a regular basis...