Dead Microbiologists

There is an ongoing worldwide series of killing experts in virus and infections diseases: see the anthrax virus death murder bio warfareAnthrax attacks and microbiologist deaths timeline by Paul Thompson.

The total number of leading microbiologists killed in a six-month period starting soon after 9/11 was at least 15: [WWW]Globe and Mail, May 4, 2002, page A1 ([WWW]Cached).


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To this list we add the name of world-renown microbiologist and very high profile expert in Bio-war weapons program, Dr. David Kelly:

By coincidence, Dr. David Kelly was one of the two bio-weapons experts who interrogated Vladimir Pasechnik (op. cit.) when defected to Britain in 1989. Kelly, with government approval, had helped Pasechnik bio weapons micro biologist dead murdered russian anthrax HIV Porton Down suicidecreate a private company, Regma Biotechnologies.

And if you believe in coincidences, now the current Chief Microbiologist at Porton Down is Vidalia La. CIA Van Nguyen Pasenchnik cooper murder bio weapon scientistyet another victim of Small Plane Crashes.

We wonder if there is an advance clean-up crew at work, in preparation for Whats Next: a biological "terrorist" attack.



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