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dentist Shreveport Louisiana David Grahm Kelly murder



David Kelly Murder

No fewer than six medical specialists [WWW]wrote to the Guardian, contending that the medical evidence, as presented at the Hutton Inquiry, does not support the cause of death cited by forensic pathologist, Dr Nicholas Hunt. They are of the view that it is "highly improbable" that Dr Kelly died of haemorrhage from a slashed wrist.

Hutton Report Inquiry Jim Rarey pathologist, Dr Nicholas HuntThe Hutton Report - A Cover-Up? An Open Letter to the U.K. Public (and media) by Rarey, Jim

    If, as expected, Lord Hutton's report on the "circumstances" surrounding the death of microbiologist David Kelly claims he bled to death from a self-inflicted wound to his wrist, it will rank as one of the clumsiest cover-ups in recent memory.

    If that is Hutton's finding, Oxfordshire coroner Nicholas Gardiner almost certainly will be forced to reopen the inquest that was cut short by appointment of the Hutton inquiry.

    Last September, Gardiner intimated he might have to reopen the inquest because some witnesses had refused to allow their statements (to the TVP - Thames Valley Police) to be passed to the Hutton inquiry. A bigger problem for Gardiner (and Hutton) is testimony given at the inquiry that shows Kelly's body was moved at least twice after he died before it was seen by paramedics, the police and the medical experts called to the scene.

    The most damning testimony (perhaps unwittingly) was provided by forensic pathologist Nicholas Hunt (who performed Kelly's autopsy). Hunt testified Kelly's ulnar artery in his left wrist had been completely severed. He also said that hypostasis indicated Kelly was on his back when he died. Hypostasis (also called livor mortis or post mortem lividity) is discoloration caused by blood settling to the lowest part of the body after death occurs.

death microbiologist 9/11 forensic pathologist medical evidence bloodThe New Alchemy: Turning Murder Into Suicide by Rowena Thursby 28 November, 2003.

    ... this article highlights a number of recent cases where flawed assessments by Home Office pathologists have given rise to unsafe convictions, and explores how professional fallibility may have led to similarly erroneous interpretations from Dr Hunt regarding the death of Dr David Kelly. It also raises the more sinister possibility that Hunt's interpretations were weighted deliberately with the express purpose of convincing us this was suicide.

    ... But to follow Nicholas Hunt's version of events, far from acting in the precise and careful manner of a world-class scientist, Kelly apparently kills himself in the most painful manner possible. Hunt tells the inquiry that amongst the multiple incised wounds to the inside of the wrist was one much deeper wound. He says that this represented the severing of the ulnar artery. Why though, would Kelly choose to sever the ulnar artery on the little finger side - one which is deep within the wrist - rather than the radial artery on the thumb side, which is much more accessible. Moreover the ulnar artery was not just cut but completely severed. How likely is it that Kelly would cut so deep into his own wrist that he would completely sever one of the trickiest arteries to reach?

    In his article: Murder of David Kelly WMD Iraq bio weapons CIA or MI-5"The Murder of David Kelly" Part 1, Rarey, Jim points out that cutting the ulnar artery suggests not so much a right-handed Kelly slashing from left to right, missing the superficial radial and cutting deep into the ulnar, as someone other than Kelly standing in front of the body slashing deep into the inside of the wrist (the ulnar side) across to the outside (the radial side) of the wrist.

    In Hunt's qualifier - "if one ignores all the other features of the case" - lies the rub. Ignore the fact that Kelly had become an embarrassment to the establishment through divulging inconvenient facts & suppositions to the media? Ignore the fact that he was about to return to Iraq, where his by- now public profile would have guaranteed publicity to the dearth of WMD's? The fact that this would highlight the mendacity employed in persuading the British and American public to support a war with Iraq? The fact that here was a man scrupulous about a truth they did not want told? The fact that Kelly had met and was discussing book projects with Victoria Roddam, a publisher in Oxford who in an e-mail to the scientist only a week before his death wrote: "I think the time is ripe now more than ever for a title which addresses the relationship between government policy and war - I'm sure you would agree."?

Iraq Survey Team weapons WMD CIASuicide or Murder? The Dr. David Kelly Affair

    Kelly's death was designed to intimidate all those who work for defense intelligence agencies in the US and the UK. The lesson is simple: You talk, you die. If Kelly had been permitted to go to Iraq and play a leadership role in the 1,500 person US Iraq Survey Team, the lesson would have been: You talk, you walk, you live on and retire with a nice pension. In short, you tell the truth, talk to the press and you can continue doing your job. But that is not the kind of example that the CIA or the MI-5 would like to see paraded before their 1,500 intelligence officials in Iraq or anywhere else for that matter. This, then, is the key motive for the political assassination of Dr. David Kelly.

    Finally who are those .dark actors. playing games? According to Time onLine, there was an unopened letter in Kelly.s study from Richard Hatfield, the Minister of Defense Personnel Director. Dr. Kelly.s fingerprints were not on the letter. The letter "warned that disciplinary action could follow if new material came to light."42 Kelly, or members of his household, were obviously not interested in hearing from his employer. Kelly took a walk instead, a walk where the ultimate "disciplinary action" took place.

Dr. David Kelly joins the list of over 15 of the world's top microbiologists and virologists have been  military bioweapons program anthrax US government Batellemurdered or suicided since 9/11. These are amongst the most important people the world would have turned to in the event of a biological attack, and who be amongst the few people capable of telling if the infectious agent came from one of the military bioweapons programmes; see Whats Next.

Kelly also debriefed Vladimir Pasechnik, the first Russian defector from the Soviet bioweapons programme Biopreparat, who is also amongst the list of the dead microbiologists. Kelly may have had links to WMD David Kelly murder death Microbiologists dead killed Porton Down anthrax virus biologytwo of the others as well.

David Kelly was previously chief microbiologist at Porton Down when it was supplied the Ames strain on anthrax by the US bio-weapons program. This was the stain used in the 9/11 Anthrax Attacks. And now (July 2004) the current chief microbiologist at Porton Down has died in a Small Plane Crash.

(!) See our page: Dead Microbiologists.


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