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Great is the power of Truth, but even greater from a practical point of view is silence about  the Truth. (Aldous Huxley)

We have a theory: there is a conspiracy, a Conspiracy of Silence.

The Truth about what really happened on 9/11 is obvious to anyone who looks:

  • Anyone who looks at the photographs of the Pentagon Attack knows that they are not the photos of the crash site of a Boeing.
  • Anyone who looks at the photographs of the Pentagon Attack Damage knows that it was not was caused by a fire from a plane crash.
  • Anyone who looks at the photographs of the Twin Towers knows that they exploded, and that they didn't "collapse".
  • Anyone who watches the videos of the Building 7 Collapse 7 hours after the Twin Towers exploded knows that it was a synchronized demolition.
  • Anyone who reads the interviews in the press with the 7 Hijackers Patsies that are Hijackers Alive And Well knows that the government seems curiously uninterested in who was really on those planes.


In addition, there are a lot people who know the Truth about what really happened on 9/11, and yet remain silent:

  • Firefighters know that you can't melt a steel-structured skyscraper in 47 minutes with a kerosene fire unless Muslims Suspend Physics.
  • The Pentagon Attack Witnesses Blast survivors, mostly military men, describe a shockwave and a blast: only explosives give a shockwave, as there is no shockwave from a crash and fire.
  • Airline pilots know that Hijackers Patsies couldn't disable all of the transponders on 4 flights with no hijack alarms, and that it would take an Air Force Stand-down to make the flights disappear from military radar.
  • Communications engineers know that you can't make cell phone calls from airplanes at cruise altitudes: see Sept-11 Physics Cell Phones.
  • Senators know that the targets of the Anthrax Attacks were the Democrat Senators who opposed Ashcroft on the Patriot Act, and that the anthrax was from a US Army or defense contractor site.

Everybody knows. The only way there can be such a silence about what really happened on 9/11 is if there is a Conspiracy. It's not like this is anything new: America has been silent about the Truth on so many occassions before; to name just a few recent examples:

  • The First WTC Bombing where the person who provided the explosives and bomb-making skills was working for the FBI, as ExperiencedSkeptics know.
  • The lie about the Conspiracy Of Silence - 9/11 incubator babies from the Washington PR firm, Hill and Knowlton used to whip up support for Bush Sr.'s invasion of Kuwait, that led to perhaps as many as 100,000 sick or poisoned servicemen (and > 135,000 dead Iraquis).
  • The lie about the Conspiracy Of Silence - 9/11 Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the death of 55,000 Americans (and over 2 million Vietnamese).
  • The assassination of the President and the coup d'Etat that went along with it, and the subsequent assassination of their leading presidental candidate in order to ensure the continued coverup.

These are just a few of what Oliver Stone called the Orwellian memory holes, to be forgotten, realities distorted by newsmen and official "historians," official body counts, and the official lies that devastated the American character.


But what you don't know can hurt you. If we look at the most recent examples of the actions of the Terror Cartel in America, one has to start to ask: WhatsNext:

Date Event Dead Legislation
1993 First WTC Bombing 6 dead EDPA Act (rejected)
1995 Okc Bombing 168 dead EDPA Act (passed)
2001 9/11 Inside Job 3000 dead Patriot Act 1
2004? Whats Next ???,??? dead Martial Law?

There comes a time when Silence becomes Complicity: the Silence on the part of the American people in their government's wars of recolonialization is complicity in these war crimes.


Conspiracy Of Silence - 9/11 See our page: Rogue US Own Goal.


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