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Chemtrails Over Ottawa

Chemtrails over Ottawa - Sept. 13, 2004.

Ottawa is the capital of a previously sovereign country, Canada. Many Canadians are not aware that Canada has been incorporated into Northern Command by Donald Rumsfeld (for more on him, see the Stanley Hilton Lawsuit). It is not clear that Northern Command has the same priorities for the environment that Canadians do.

For at least the 6th time in the past 6 weeks, Ottawa was chemtrailed today. Planes flying at about 6,000 m. (20,000 ft.) start around 11 a.m. in the morning, and work repeatedly until evening spraying something over the city. Usually they form a series of parallel lines, although in one instance, we have seen two sets of orthogonal parallel lines making a grid. The lines rapidly dissipate, forming white wispy "clouds" and a haze over the city. For the past 4 years, an increasing number of Canadian cities have been chemtrailed, including London, Quebec City and Vancouver. Chemtrailing of US cities has been going on for at least 5 years.

Nobody knows what they are spraying. Nobody is talking about it. Another part of the post-Orwellian Conspiracy Of Silence.

There is rampant speculation about what they are spraying: it may be good for you, like an antidote to a forthcoming biological attack (see Whats Next).It may be bad for you (see Whats Next); after all, it is elements of Northern Command that are doing the spraying. In the spraying of Ottawa, they seem to select cloudless, windless, warm days, which would indicate a biological agent administered to the urban population. If it's a Dumb Fat And Happy drug to ensure apathy and complacency, it may explain why Canadians are becoming as obese and lethargic as their cousins to the south.

Whatever they are spraying, it is being done with the connivance of the Canadian government, as repeated passes by tanker planes over the nation's capital are somewhat hard to miss on radar. We're starting to realize what Deep Integration into Northern Command is all about.



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