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The phone calls from the passengers of the doomed plans forms the basis of much of what we think we know about the events of 9/11. We have a lot of problems with a number of the phone calls allegedly made from many of the doomed flights, not the least of which is that cell phones don't work from airplanes at cruise altitudes; see Sept 11 Physics Cell Phones.

For example, the Flight 93 calls report in two instances that the hijackers wore red bandannas or headbands (see Paul Thompson's flight 93 september 11 cell phone callsFlight 93 timeline). Red sets of all kinds of bells in the American mindset: "Better Dead than Red" etc. But no Muslim man would wear red: green is the color of Islam, and there is a tradition (Hadith) of the Prophet Mohammed (on whom be peace) that explicitly deprecates the wearing of red by men. It sounds to us as if there may have been a screwup at central casting, or that there are no Muslims at the NSA. See [WWW]"Let's Roll!" On United Flight 93 - The Saddest Lie Of All

In the case of Cell Phone Calls Flight 77 there are simply too many inconsistencies in this story to for it to be credible. The idea that an ex-military pilot, an ex-Navy Captain and combat fighter veteran having flown F-4s in Vietnam, would be standing around the toilet at the back of a plane asking a Republican political commentator what to do is absurd. It implies that the pilots were alive, which would mean that they were herded to the back of an airplane without having time to punch in a universally agreed upon code into the transponder to signal a hijacking.

This from Killtowns blogspot indicates that the person who took the only known photo of flight 93's smoke plume
says she tried to make cell phone call, but the service in the area was very bad
She lives very close to where flight 93 crashed

After taking this photo and dropping her camera, she then ran and grabbed her cell phone. She got in her truck and tried to call 9/11, but she couldn't get through. She says the cell phone service around Indian Lake is not very good. (Now think of the passengers aboard Flight 93 allegedly making all those cell phone calls.)

as a senior RF engineer for Sprint and other comapnies, i have serious doubts that those calls were possible
see my page at... Cell phones September 11, an RF engineering perpective


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