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Anthrax Attacks

1) The anthrax attacks [WWW] targeted the US Democrat Senators who opposed Ashcroft's Patriot Act:

October 2, 2001 (B): The "anti-terrorism" Patriot Act is introduced in Congress, but is not well received by all. [ Patriot Act, 10/2/01] One day later, Senate Majority Leader and future anthrax target Tom Daschle (D) says he doubts the Senate will take up this bill in the one week timetable the administration wants. As head of the Senate, Daschle has great power to block or slow passage of the bill. Attorney General Ashcroft accuses Senate Democrats of dragging their feet. [Washington Post, 10/3/01] On October 4, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and future anthrax target Patrick Leahy (D) accuses the Bush administration of reneging on an agreement on the anti-terrorist bill. Leahy is in a key position to block or slow the bill. Some warn that "lawmakers are overlooking constitutional flaws in their rush to meet the administration's timetable." Two days later, Ashcroft complains about "the rather slow pace 'over his request for law enforcement powers' Hard feelings remain." [Washington Post, 10/4/01] The anthrax letters to Daschle and Leahy are sent out on October 9 and difficulties in passing the Act continue (see October 9, 2001).

2) The anthrax was from a US Army or defense contractor site, and the killer a trained scientist from the US (illegal) bioweapons program.

"This suggests that the anthrax was already in hand, and the attack largely planned, before Sept 11."
anthrax report Federation of American Scientists

3) The anthrax disruption of Congress allowed the US Patriot Act to pass [WWW] without it even being read!

"It's my understanding the bill wasn't printed before the vote - at least I couldn't get it. They played all kinds of games,
kept the House in session all night, and it was a very complicated bill. Maybe a handful of staffers actually read it, 
but the bill definitely was not available to members before the vote."

4) Woolsey, Perle and Wolfowitz used anthrax from Iraq as a reason to attack Iraq. Perle supported the Anthrax-Iraq theory in [WWW] the Daily Telegraph:

But he (Perle) made clear that he believed there were "substantial and growing indications" that a state was behind the attacks. 
The milled, "weaponised" anthrax that virtually shut down Congress and killed two postal workers has increased his suspicions.

What they neglected to mention was that the state behind the attacks was the United States of America.

5) There are only a handful of people it could be, as the anthrax was weaponized by the US procedure. 
There is one main suspect that has not even been [WWW] questioned by the FBI. Perhaps he knows too much, or is an Asset.

6) This may not be the first time anthrax has been used to silence critics. Russell Welch, an investigator for the Arkansas State Police who had been trying to blow the whistle a dozen years ago on the massive [WWW] CIA cocaine smuggling operation in Mena, Arkansas. [WWW] Russell Welch was exposed to weaponized anthrax over a decade ago when he opened a letter, and his life was saved only after prompt diagnosis by his doctor. Later his doctor's office was burglarized, and test results and correspondence with Center for Disease Control officials in Atlanta were stolen.

7) Now that we know that the state that was behind the attacks was the United States, there is a total media/govt/FBI silence - total.
The silence is total in the entire world's mainstream media
- the last piece was from the BBC and it was mainly disinformation: Richard Ochs US Army anthrax biological weapons "FBI baffled!"

So in summary: the US Army and clandestine community are using anthrax to pass the most draconian peacetime legislation in US history:
what we have is what Richard J. Ochs calls [WWW] Government By Anthrax. The US Congress and McMedia say nothing about the fact
that the anthrax attacks were an Inside Job. The rest of the world says nothing, not even about the violation 
of the 1972 biological weapons treaty which categorically bans even the possession of weaponized stocks.

There was only one good line in the BBC story (albeit inadvertently):

Or perhaps it points the finger at terrorists who are now regrouping and waiting for the next chance to strike.

Inadvertently, because the terrorists are in the American military, and they're not "waiting"; see WhatsNext.

(!) See our page: Leahy VsAshcroft 200406.



added April 2006 UPDATE:
NOTE: The data above was compiled by Mik Elliot. While i support Mr. Elliots work,
i feel this information is important...
Brad M

- Alex Constantine
If you click here:


you will find yourself facing a page of material ostensibly critical of the accepted 2001 anthrax story. (I went to this page as a step in an appraisal of 911Review.COM's validity after finding the site engaged in a war of accusations against 911Review.ORG. The latter was the original 911Review site, founded in September 2003; 911Review.Com was established by Paul Borneo four months later, in February 2004, and appears to be a parallel operation intended to disrupt the efforts of 911Review.Org.)

Each site accuses the other of COINTEL devices, so it is left to the reader to settle the question. It doesn't take long if you have followed 911 research at all closely.

The anthrax page alone tells me that 911Review.Com is either incompetent or deliberately ersatz, at least on this score, and may well be a disinformational site.

The giveaway is a highly manipulative list of articles at the bottom of the page intended, supposedly, to identify the true culprit behind the 2001 season of high anthrax anxiety. This story is signally false: "While Media Spotlights One Anthrax Suspect, Another is Too Hot to Touch," by Delinda Curtiss Hanley in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

First, a word about the author. Who is Ms. Delinda Curtiss Hanley? Her biography is posted here:


"Delinda Curtiss Hanley was born in 1955 and spent most of her childhood in the Middle East accompanying her foreign service officer father Richard Curtiss, co-founder of the Washington Report." That is, she writes for a newsletter run by her father, who went straight from a career at the State Department with its intimate intelligence ties ... to publishing a 124-page "nearly monthly magazine" with the largest circulation of any Middle East related publication in North America. "After attending the American University in Washington, DC, and American University of Beirut, she earned a degree in English Education at the University of Maryland. She taught in the United States until joining the U.S. Peace Corps as a volunteer teacher in the Sultanate of Oman. After her Peace Corps service was complete she worked in the Musandam Province of Oman and later Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with her husband. ... She writes extensively for the Washington Report on an array of topics and her stories have also been published in the Arab News, Saudi ARAMCO World..." We get the picture.

According to Hanley story, "Although Hatfill once worked at the Fort Detrick lab, his lawyer, Victor Glasberg, said the scientist 'did not do anthrax work. Steve has never worked with anthrax.' After a series of anthrax hoaxes, including a package that 'coincidentally' arrived at B'nai B'rith headquarters in Washington while a terrorism seminar was under way nearby, Hatfill in 1999 did commission William Patrick to write a report on how anthrax could be sent through the mail."

These details on Hatfull, presented by 911Review.com as accepted fact, is black propaganda straight, no chaser. Hatfill WAS, in fact, employed in a biological weapons program in South Africa, and IS a covert operator who formerly ran with a neo-nazi terrorist group, the dread Selous Scouts - believed responsble for mailing anthrax to poor black families in S. Africa, initiating a terrible contagion - before going to work at the U.S. Army-SAIC Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, where he had access to Ames, in fact the very strain of anthrax spread by the 2001 mailings.

Evidence of Hatfill's complicity is pretty compelling:

• Bloodhounds responded to him alone. • A return address on one of the anthrax-bearing envelopes was Greendale, Rhodesia. Hatfill lived in Greendale. • The neo-fascist Selous Scouts in Rhodesia spread anthrax. Hatfill was a member of the Scouts at the time of the contagion's spread. • Hatfill had no fit alibi for the days of the anthrax mailings. • His PhD was forged. He was caught lying on his resumé. • He failed a CIA lie-detector test regarding his activities in Rhodesia before the anthrax attacks. He failed a lie detector test afterward concerning his involvement in them.

(For more and more information on Hatfill's Nazi past in South Africa, and his experience with spreading anthrax - also his ties to Iran-contra figures - see my own series, "Project Anthrax.")

The Hanley article promoted by 911Review.com makes false statements to clear Hatfill, and draws down instead ... on a Jew. Anti-Semitic black propaganda. About what you would expect from a widely-circulated Arab newsletter edited by Ms. Hanley's State Department father ...

The story concludes: "A proposed joint U.S.-Israeli anti-terror office might make things easier for other Jewish Americans or Israelis who run afoul of the law post-9/11..."

Now that Nazi terrorist Hatfill, with his vast experience mailing anthrax in the mail in Rhodesia, has been cleared with a bald lie, 911Review.Com reinforces the "Zionist" connection to the domestic outbreak with "FBI Closes in on Anthrax Terrorist - Prime Suspect is a Zionist."

The prime suspect is NOT a Zionist. WASPY "Dr." Hatfill was and is STILL the FBI's primary "person of interest." However, Hatfill has not been brought to account, just as none of the 911 conspirators have been, because he is protected, just as they are. 911Review.Com is dead wrong about the anthrax, and appears to be intentionally misleading its readers.

- Alex Constantine

PROJECT ANTHRAX a 6 part series, VERY informative !

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