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Is this the 9/11 Smoking Gun?
Two FEMA Pentagon photos could be keys to unlock cover-up.
7 October, 2003
Fintan Dunne, Editor

Among all the arguments about 9/11: Tower fires, WTC 7 collapse, etc., none seems as straightforward as that posed by the jet engine part shown below.

If the Pentagon photos below from the FEMA website are authentic, then either the turbine below is from a Boeing 757, or it is not.

If not, then something other than a 757 may have impacted the Pentagon on 9/11.
Author Eric Hufschmid and journalist Christopher Bollyn of AFP want to know.

Read Christopher Bollyn's article

Read the debate on the photos on Rumor mill News here.

There are some caveats. If this proves to be from a 757 engine after all, those with supervision access to the FEMA site may have digitally created the photo. Or the part may have been brought to the Pentagon on the day and placed deliberately at the time.

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