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From 9/11 Encyclopedia:

Many websites had been influenced by photos, who implied that an Unidentified Flying Object on September 11 at the WTC was an extraterrestrial object. Others claimed, it was a missile. A few supported the possibilities, that the "missile" was in fact the mircowave weapon system "thermobarics", shot out of the Building 7,which later collapsed under strange circumstances. While many photos based on photo manipulations (japanese UFO - animation), many websites continued to insist on a extraterrestrial or military object. D.E. Alexander claimed, that there had been an UFO already on July 24th 2000. http://www.realufos.com/wtc.shtml Realufos was established in May 2002 in Coral Springs, Florida. Alexander was a supporter of Sollog.com, who was outed as a fraud. Sollog was created in 1998 in Coral Springs, Florida Sollog is in reality disinfo and hoax specialist


FakedVideos at the WTC on 9-11

New video of plane near the WTC on 9/11,Plane seen in the background may be an explanation

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