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Kurt Sonnenfeld was the only videographer, who was allowed to film at Ground Zero in New York. He was working for the FEMA.

On New Years Eve 2002, he was arrested for having killed his wife. The story didn't make big headlines in the news, but started some speculations and rumours on the internet. On June 14, 2002, prosecutors dismissed first-degree murder charges against Sonnenfeld in the early New Year's morning shooting death of his wife. Nancy Sonnenfeld, 36, died of a gunshot wound in the head after she and her husband had celebrated New Year's Eve together. 

Kurt Sonnenfeld told police that his wife committed suicide. Prosecutors wouldn't comment on specific reasons for the dismissal, but the defense investigation found a note written by Nancy Sonnenfeld which police had not taken into evidence, said public defender Carrie Thompson. "Our investigators found a letter written in Nancy's own hand consistent with a suicide letter, although it was very cryptic," Thompson said. She said the letter said, "What is more beautiful than love and death?" with the word "love" scratched out. "Kurt, please get help." The letter was found behind a framed photograph of Kurt Sonnenfeld. ...

Nancy Sonnenfeld's sister, Amy Leek, said the family knew this was coming but would have no comment on the news. ...

Kurt Sonnenfeld was a videographer who documented disaster sites for FEMA, including the September 11 attacks in New York.
Nancy Sonnenfeld was a manager for BSA Advertising.

FEMA's Denver-based Region 8 Deputy Public Affairs Officer Jim Chestnutt and Public Affairs Officer Kurt Sonnenfeld used Canon XL1 digital video cameras with Mini DV disks through 16- to 18-hour days, shooting Ground Zero, the Pile (the mass of debris at the center of the disaster) 
and the arduous rescue and cleanup operations. They carried the cameras through the streets, over the mounds of debris, 
and underground for three weeks. Photographers Andrea Booher and Michael Rieger shot the still photos using Olympus E20 and Nikon D1X digital cameras. The four cameramen passed the Mini DV disk footage to CNN.

On March 13th, 2002, Jim Chestnutts office in North Dakota received $2 Million for an anti-flooding program, 
officially to construct a new lift station 

Andrea Boohers and Mike Riegers photos are located at app1.fema.gov/usr/usr_d1391c9.htm

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