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Construction company by the Bin Laden Family with many ties to the oil- and military industry. Profits from the "war on terrorism" 
as a partner of the Carlyle Group. Osama is one of more than 50 children of Mohammed bin Laden (->), 
who built the family's $5 billion business, Saudi Binladin Group, largely with construction contracts from the Saudi government. 

After the 1996 truck bombing in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, that killed 19 U.S. servicemen, Saudi Binladin Group 
built military barracks and airfields for U.S. troops. Source: Wall Street Journal

The BinLadin Group (BLG) partnered with the Iridium / Motorola Satellite Project. (Link cached)

Another partner of BLG was Bredero-Shaw (->), which is a Halliburton company, former CEO of Halliburton was Vice-President Dick Cheney.
Yet another link to Halliburton is pipeline constructor H. C. Price, who built both pipelines together for the Bin Laden Group or Enron. http://web.archive.org/web/20010119082400/http://www.saudi-binladin-group.com/pcm.htm
Mirror: http://www.lebensaspekte.de/groundzero/binladin_hcprice.html

(Edit Oct 2007 Brad)

The Saudi Bin Laden wesbite domain name expired September 11 2001

Sadi Bin Laden Group website domain expired September 11 2001

one of the satellites was launched on Sept 11 1997
Iridium 38 (25043, 1997-069E) was launched on 1997 September 11.

It looks like all of the relavent documents  like POWER OF ATTORNEY
were signed on September 11 1998
Including that of  Hasan Bin Laden  (Hasan M. BinLadin)
Hasan is Bother to Osama

Hasan bin Laden served as a director of the Iridium Middle East Corp. subsidiary, reported the New York Daily News.
The Saudi bin Laden Group, the family's investment arm, has also reportedly invested in the global phone link firm.

Blair Buys New Home Next to Bin Laden Property in Arab Area in London
Hasan (bin Laden) can see Blair's new home through his window.
He said he was a friend of Hasan and sometimes the two of them would go out to restaurants.


Iridium satellite system

Anatoly Ivanovich Kiselev 

Leo Mondale

Mark Gercenstein

Edward F. Staiano

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Saudi Bin Laden Group

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Iridium phones suddenly in high demand for rescue efforts


Bush, Bin Laden, Bechtel and Baghdad

Bin Laden contatta un uomo che ha lavorato per la Iridium


Attorneys for Defendants Iridium Africa Corporation, Iridium. Middle East Corporation
and Khrunichev State Research and. Production Space Center.

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