Hurricane Katrina 911review

New Orleans International Airport

MSY New orleans airport medical - injured left to die

I knew someone who was at the airport during this time.
There were doctors and nurses willing to help, but were turned away .
No one wanted to authorize them.
The Authorization had to come from
Department of Homeland Security .

My friend was flown to Texas against her will,
and had to pay her own way for a flight back.
She wanted to stay in New Orleans,
and only went to the airport for medical assistance.

The worst part about not having local police was that ANYONE with ANY kind of badge wrote thier own ticket.
Fireman, police from outside New Orleans, military, National guard etc....
These people came in and confiscated vehicles, generators, and just about anything they wanted.
Several car dealerships had cars taken from them, mainly by people with badges.
FEMA actually took control of the power grid for Laplace (a city just outside New Orleans)
I dont know what for.
New Orleans and Kenner still did not have power for weeks after.
Residents of Laplace were never told about this to my understaning.
the storm did not thit them that hard, and they were left in the dark.

para military confiscating vehicles hurricane katrina

Listening to a police scanner, I heard that local law enforcement,
 and other first responders could not do anything without permission from FEMA.
in their words, they were treated like "step children".

hurricane katrina boats  hurricane katrina boats 

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New Orleans Superdome

Mayor Nagin told people to get out, he first said that the Superdome would not be used,
but then used it as a last resort.
This was the first time New Orleans ever hade a mandatory evacuation.
Most people did evacuate, there were well over 1 million people in New Orleans.
NO mayor could have gotten everyone out.
Many people did not have the resources to drive 100 miles to the closest OPEN hotel room.
Then have money to stay for WEEKS at a time.

In my opinion, Mayor Nagin did everything he could.
The prolem wasnt the day of the hurricane.
The REAL problem was days later, when no one arrived to help.

There will ALWAYS be ones who want to stay.
No one knows for sure where a hurricane will make landfall until 24 hours before it hits.
every year at least one hurricane comes near New Orleans.

What is so sad, is the the media was able to get in to take pictures,
but FEMA and other assitance did not, not for a week.

pictures hurricane katrina    louisiana superdome old lady elderly
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new orleans super dome people airial photo flood water   dome was surrounded by flood water

armed military national guard crowd control ? katrina

arial view superdome flood water hurricane katrina     louisianna superdome new orleans flood katrina

                                                                                                                    large image of photo above right

woman baby need help louisiana superdome hurricane katrina   trash build up for several days fecal matter odor

satellite imaging from google earth New Orleans superdome

Many died at the superdome.
The reports go back and forth depending who you talk to, and which news you read,
but i know, many people died that week.

dont believe me?
go to and search Katrina victims.
heres some samples

I know someone who saw 3 dead.

many dead founf at or near the dome new orleans

more     more   more   more   more   more

others were sent to the underpass near I-10 in metairie.
here, there was easy access to get foor and water in, it still did not come for days.

verterand and interstate 10 I-10 overpass katrina evacuate  17 st canal levee picture helicopter drops sand bags

hurricane katrina damage  debris cleanup 9th ward new orleans trash 

Several months after, New Orleans is not much better.
Many people are not coming back.
They are taking the insurance money and selling their homes as is.
There are car graveyards. The cars can not be re-sold by law.
unfortunately, some parts are useable, but will be crushed with the car

abandoned car flood damaged new orleans disaster katrina  new orleans damage hurricane katrina flood
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new orleans damaged car hurricane katrina flood   new orleans property damage hurricane katrina homes

new orleans storm- house on car damage katrina   new orleans disaster boat in yard

#########  #########

Boats were tossed about ending up on peoples homes, or in their yards.
Roads were not accessible for weeks becuase of trees down.
Other debris and even homes were often in the middle of the road.

new orleans disaster boats on lake potchatrain
click for large

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