Army Corps of Engineers map shows deliberate levee breach Hurricane Katrina  Homepage

Army Corps of Engineers Deliberate Breach of New Orleans Levees.

OK, relax, this might not be entirely what it looks like,
(a conspiracy theory)
But, yes, they DID breach some levee's on purpose.
They were breached to help  "unwater" areas of New Orleans.

Below is the map that indicates this, taken from the Army Corps of Engineers website.

This is the page with the maps, and other information below.

You can read all 70 pages, but, i will save you some time.
I already have.
There is NO indication at what time ANY of these deliberate breaches took place.
There is NO indication as to HOW, or even the particulars of WHY.
There is NO information if these deliberate breaches helped in any way.
It seems curious to me, that as much information is provided on this site
about the unwatering process, one would think those questions would be answered here.

An unwatering team, was placed in Memphis, 1 day before Hurricane Katrina.

Army Corps timeline Levee New Orleans Katrina hurricane

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Army Corps of Engineers timeline hurricane Katrina Levee New Orleans

CEMVN Army Corp of Engineers

MVR Command and control group mobilized to lead task force for Unwatering.

Blue star: Task force Unwatering BREACH (deliberate)

Army Corp of engineers deliberate levee breaches Hurricane Katrina New Orleans

IHNC, is what we (in New Orleans) refer to the Industrial Canal.
This is the canal that  was responsible for most of the flooding in the 9th ward.
The 9th ward, is mostly very low income.

Army Corps of engineers Hurricane Katrina unwatering MVR CEMVN

Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans Hurricane Katrina Levee Unwatering

The "unwatering process" was not held to normal procedures,
which would have needed a permit from the EPA.

The Army Corp of Engineers was directed to "minimize potential impacts",
although there was an EPA rep on the scene.

The letter was issued August 30th, but major flooding had not occurred !
Did they foresee major flooding ?
Why did the EPA rep (on scene) not grant the permit ?

Army Corps Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Levee unwater

The CEMVN arrived in Vicksburg Miss on Sept 2 2005.
The CEMNV established contact with EPA on scene commander on September 4 2005.

Army Corps unwatering New Orleans Hurricane Katrina

$400 Million FEMA Contracts Now Total $3.4 Billion

The Shaw Group announced on Aug. 30, one day after Katrina hit, that it was in contact with FEMA to mobilize assistance.
Its stock rose 21 percent in two days and 32 percent the week after their news release.
Four no-bid contracts awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to house Hurricane Katrina victims have ballooned in value from $400 million to more then $3.4 billion. This increase has prompted renewed scrutiny from Congress and auditors about the disaster agency's management (or lack there of) of the aftermath of Katrina.
The Department of Homeland Security's inspector general is, for at least a second time, reviewing the contracts with construction and engineering firms Bechtel Corp., CH2M Hill Inc., Fluor Corp., and the Shaw Group Inc. to provide 150,000 trailers for hurricane victims, even as FEMA still expects to competitively award at least $1 billion for similar work in future contingencies within days.

Katrina: disaster profiteers pocket millions in deals
A year after Hurricane Katrina, the reconstruction of the devastated Gulf coast is being severely hampered by waste and inefficiency overseen by
"disaster profiteers" who are making million of dollars, according to a watchdog group.
The group claims the inefficiency - along with the companies' political connections
- follows a pattern similar to what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the Black(water)
Tens of thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims remain without homes. The environment is devastated. People are disenfranchised. Financial resources, desperate residents are told, are scarce. But at least New Orleans has a Wal-Mart parking lot serving as a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center with perhaps the tightest security of any parking lot in the world. That's thanks to the more than $30 million Washington has shelled out to the Blackwater USA security firm since its men deployed after Katrina hit. Under contract with the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Federal Protective Service, Blackwater's men are ostensibly protecting federal reconstruction projects for FEMA. Documents show that the government paid Blackwater $950 a day for each of its guards in the area. Interviewed by The Nation last September, several of the company's guards stationed in New Orleans said they were being paid $350 a day. That would have left Blackwater with $600 per man, per day to cover lodging, ammo, other overhead--and profits.

Disaster in New Orleans NEWS articles

Since our beloved Government under President Bush, has been so "transparent"
(to use a word he was fond of in talking about Iraq's "WMD's")
We should look at this information very closely,
if it is indeed been made public.
If it has not, it needs to be, and YOU need to tell congress that our government
should be "transparent"

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